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Bio Writing

Contact Alex directly on 07919 852063 if you would like to discuss any aspect of the bio. We’re more than happy to schedule a consultation (not compulsory) to discuss your particular requirements, and the information that’s needed to create your bio from scratch (if you don’t have one). Or alternatively, we can give your current bio a “facelift” by updating it.

All types of personal, business and company bios available for any background, industry, sector, occupation and academic discipline. Regardless what stage of career you’re at, from entry level through to senior exec, I’m passionate about making each client truly stand out, and ensure each bio oozes quality, ignites excitement in the reader and gets the personal touch. Evidenced by regular referrals, I pride myself on the high number of individuals that achieve their goals through my ability to seamlessly weave valuable detail into each bio.

Taking your achievements and producing a well-versed bio that summarises your background is my objective. With my succinct style of writing, I’ll create a professional masterpiece which will showcase your skills, attributes and accomplishments in an impressive manner, coupled with a punchy writing style that grabs attention and holds the readers interest.

What is a bio exactly ? A summary of your highlights from 10,000 feet; typically a 1 page “career snapshot” consisting of 400-500 words (shorter/longer if you like). Your bio presents your notable career milestones and defining moments, ie your bio is the story of your journey.

When can you use your bio ? Everywhere. Nowadays it’s about personal branding. Use your bio for networking, vendors, suppliers, contacts, at events, meetings, trade fairs, open days, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and putting on websites etc.

For a personal touch, a bio should include a photo (not compulsory) and a bit about your life outside the workplace (favourite pastimes). The bio is less formal than a CV/resume and doesn’t list individual jobs or employment duties.

Your bio will articulate your unique value proposition. Remember: a 1 page bio is much easier to quickly review and remember than a 2/3+ page CV/Resume. The concept behind the bio is that a robust and immaculately presented 1 page document will allow you to put across the most impressive facts, from a business and personal perspective.

Contact Alex for more information or if you have any questions. I’m available 7 days a week and evenings by phone (07919 852063) and email (