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CV From Scratch

As a full time CV writer, I get asked almost daily to create CVs from scratch. From helping so many people over the years, I have written CVs for all types of work, sectors and occupations. This also includes those that have been self-employed and now find themselves looking for a new role. Send me an email or give me a call if you would like to discuss your particular requirements and the type of CV that you need.

If you’ve never had a CV, or simply need a new CV producing from the beginning, I can certainly help with this and cover all professions, industries, trades, vertical markets and levels.

To do a CV from scratch, I just need a basic outline of the information below. Once I receive the details, I can get started on the new CV.

Contact Details; (Name, address, phone & email).
Additional Information; Hobbies and interests.
Work History; Jobs, employers names, job titles & duties, dates (month & year only).
Education; Any qualifications, courses & training attended/completed.
Performance; Details of any achievements, awards, key skills and strengths.
CV Focus; An idea of the type of work you are looking for (or would like to get).
CV Emphasis; Anything that you feel is relevant that you’d like highlighted.

Got a specific position/vacancy in mind ? Please provide a job description or a link to the advert (if you have it) so the CV can be tailored/customised.

What isn’t required for a CV; Date of birth, age, nationality, marital status, references (always written as available on request).

Contact Alex directly for more information or if you have any questions. I’m available 7 days a week and evenings by phone (07919 852063) and email (