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CV From Scratch

As a full time CV writer, I get asked almost daily to create CVs from scratch. From helping so many people over the years, I have written CVs from the beginning (in Microsoft word) for all types of work, sectors and occupations.

This also includes writing CVs from scratch for those that have been;

Working for themselves as self-employed, contracting, or had a Ltd company etc.
A stay at home parent, looking after children or a relative / friend / family etc.
Individuals just returning to the UK from travelling, or living / working abroad etc.
Off work due to poor health / medical issues / or recovering from an operation.
Taking a break, extended holiday, sabbatical, or renovating a house (for example).
Unemployed, whilst actively seeking a new position and have been in-between jobs.

Whatever your reason for never having a CV, or just needing a new one, I can certainly help as I cover all backgrounds, professions, industries, trades and levels.

Send me an email or give me a call if you would like to discuss your particular requirements and the type of CV that you need, and why you need it now.

To do a CV from scratch, I just need a basic outline of the information below. Once I receive the details, I can get started on the new CV.

Contact Details; (Name, location, phone & email).
Work History; Jobs, employers names, job titles & duties, dates (month & year only). For older jobs, the years are fine.
Education; Any qualifications, courses & training attended/completed. If you left school a long time ago, exam grades are not required.
Performance; Details of any achievements (at work or personal), any awards, key skills and strengths.
CV Focus; An idea of the type of work you are looking for (or would like to get), and the sector.
CV Emphasis; Anything that you feel is relevant that you’d like highlighted in terms of you and your career.
Additional Information; Hobbies and interests; IT & systems skills (if any).

Got a specific position/vacancy in mind ? Please provide a job description or a link to the advert (if you have it) so the CV can be tailored/customised in terms of words, skills, experience and abilities.

What isn’t required for a CV; Employers addresses, your date of birth, age, nationality, marital status, or references (always written as available on request).

Upon completion, the finished CV will be emailed to you in Microsoft word and as an Adobe PDF (same document & content, in 2 formats).

Contact Alex directly for more information or if you have any questions. I’m available 7 days a week and evenings by phone (07919 852063) and email (