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  1. Rickie Morgan - 19 Jan 2019

    Alex was great, wrote a superb CV and cover letter for my wife so she could apply for a job recommended by a friend and she got the job! Along with her experince and ability I believe the CV and cover letter writen by Alex really helped.
    Thanks Alex, I’ll be in touch soon for mine doing.

  2. Sam T - 19 Jan 2019

    Highly recommend

  3. Sam T - 19 Jan 2019

    Very well professionally written CV.

  4. BEATA B - 16 Jan 2019

    I love my new Cv!!It’s amazing.Great and quick service. Thank you Alex for all your help

  5. Sarah - 15 Jan 2019

    I couldn’t be happier with Alex’s work. With a very basic information he has created a professional cv for my cousin. It was very quick. Great communication. He is simply the best. Try and you will not be sorry. Thank you Alex!!!

  6. Peter Findler - 15 Jan 2019

    Alex updated my CV and from me contacting him to him sending me the completed CV (which looks professional and much tidier than before) took 2 days. Many thanks Alex great work.

  7. Susan Ghazizadeh - 09 Jan 2019

    Alex thank you for your amazing update to my CV. Would definitely recommend your services. I now feel so much more confident going forward looking for new employment. Thank you again.

  8. Martin MacNiven - 04 Jan 2019

    I sent my existing cv to Alex yesterday morning and had my new one by 9am this morning. Fantastic service provided by Alex and the finished product was top notch! I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Alex to anyone needing a truly professional cv. Thank you so much for a terrific job done working to a tight deadline.

  9. Oscar - 26 Dec 2018

    Absolute master of CV’s, quick turn around and very professional customer service from beginning to end.
    Thank you Alex for enhancing my career oppurtunities you are amazing!!!

  10. David Williams - 24 Dec 2018

    Alex was very courteous, professional but most of all patient. He did my CV from scratch. Perfect. He got back to me immediately, even on Christmas eve. I would certainly use his service again and recommend him to all. Once again many thanks.

  11. Fatma - 15 Dec 2018

    Alex you are a Star. When I saw my CV I had a smile on my face. I will recommend every person to use your service. I will keep on using your service. Many thanks.

  12. Colin Fisher - 10 Dec 2018

    Absolutely fantastic. He has made my cv look professional and a hundred times better. I would highly recommend anytime

  13. Ben Forson - 08 Dec 2018

    My old Cv was dead and buried, but for the magic of Alex and cv writing gurus my CV is back to life again. All I want to say is a very big Thanks.

  14. Pattyro - 07 Dec 2018

    Absolutely fantastic!! Alex did a fantastic job with my very poor CV. He applied his magic and now I am ready to send my tailored CV to the job that I want. Do not hesitate to contact him…he is just a gem and I will keep using his services :).

  15. Liz Edwards - 06 Dec 2018

    Alex has turned my out of date and inaccurate CV into a masterpiece in double quick time !
    He is a very clever man and I will be forever grateful.
    I’m now off into the big wide world of Job hunting with a CV I’m actually proud to hand over !!
    Thank you Alex

  16. Adrian Roman - 06 Dec 2018

    I highly recommend Alex he is verry good with the work he does I am verry happy with the CV he made for me
    Thanks ones again Alex
    You are the best

  17. Naomi brown - 22 Nov 2018

    I would highly recommend using Alex and his services. Within a week of receiving my Cv I was offered many interviews, 3 weeks after receiving my Cv I have a job. Alex was very professional and the service was very fast, it took him no longer than 48hours to complete after our first conversation. I would recommend that if you need help with your Cv this service is definitely the best one to use.

    Thank you Alex!

  18. Efia - 20 Nov 2018

    Thanks you Alex for turning my hopeless CV into a professional one. Impressed by the good work.

  19. Timothy Mulroy - 18 Nov 2018

    Alex was very professional and did a brilliant cv for me. Within 48 hours of receiving my new cv from Alex, i forwarded it onto a few companies and within a few hours received calls, had further chats over the phone and was offered a new position with a company.


  20. Gary Porteous - 16 Nov 2018

    Excellent service and very professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex to you.

  21. Noel Kearney - 15 Nov 2018

    Very fast, efficient and professional service. After reading my new CV I quickly realised how tired my old CV had become. Highly recommended.

  22. Rachael - 14 Nov 2018

    Thank you so much for revamping my CV and helping me to try and achieve the next step up in my career backed by a much stronger CV!

  23. Tony Smedley - 11 Nov 2018

    Received my CV today. Prompt service and excellent result. So good i thought i was reading someone else’s CV.Highly recommended.

  24. David Bates - 07 Nov 2018

    Amazing service just what I needed !!

  25. Danielle - 30 Oct 2018

    I came to Alex asking for help with my CV as I was starting to apply for graduate jobs. He was very quick in responding to me and within 48 hours he had created a brand new CV from scratch for me. The quality of the CV is outstanding and makes me sound very professional! I would definitely recommend Alex as the work he produces is of such a high quality!

  26. Adrianne - 29 Oct 2018

    When I opened up my completed C.V from you I was totally impressed. To see myself in a fresh, re worked, professional, eye catching, vibrant way. Your expertise far exceeded my hopes of improvements. So glad to ask for your help. I am proud to be job hunting with added my newly added confidence.

  27. Carl O - 23 Oct 2018

    Thank you so much Alex for all of your help, fantastic CV which has resulted in me getting my dream job. Very professional service and would highly recommend.

  28. Dan Sinclair - 20 Oct 2018

    Thanks Alex. Very professional CV and well written covering letter.

  29. Gayle - 16 Oct 2018

    UPDATE – although Alex revamped my CV 2 months ago, in that time I have applied for 3 jobs and was interviewed for all 3 but didn’t get a job offer until today. Definitely worth every penny. Thanks ever so much Alex.

  30. Lorenzo C.- 15 Oct 2018

    Alex provided a great service! 100 % satisfied. Recommended to anyone struggling with an effective cv. Will use his services again.
    Thank you.

  31. Niki - 07 Oct 2018

    Great service – I had applied for this job twice before with no reply, got in touch with Alex for a cv then I applied again the company got back to me really quickly to go for an interview then got the job.I have recommended Alex to everyone I know.

  32. Leroy - 06 Oct 2018

    Alex did an amazing job with my CV, he edited my old CV and made it into a professional one within two to three days.
    I was having problem finishing my CV and Alex has added more in-depth information to my CV that i haven’t done before.

    I’m glad I’ve got help from him as his very helpful and understanding man who knows how to deliver a very good CV to anyone.

    Thank you very much Alex.

  33. Viktorija - 02 Oct 2018

    Great service. Very happy with my CV. Needed to read it many times to believe that it’s mine. Very professional. Thanks

  34. Simon - 30 Sep 2018

    Alex, I was amazed with how you moulded my CV to such quality, I would give myself the job because of the CV presentation that is immaculate. Quick service and hopeful I would called to an interview for my dream job next week.


  35. Snizhana - 24 Sep 2018

    Incredible! Fantastic service! I recommend everybody who cares about own career goals.

  36. Kim Scott - 18 Sep 2018

    What a phenomenal service. Outstanding to say the least. Alex prepared an absolute brilliant CV for me . I secured a job within 4 weeks of sending out my new CV, and comments were made at my interviews about how well my CV stood out and captured there interest . The quality of the wording and the layout you write is outstanding . I honestly cannot recommend you highly enough . Thank you Alex

  37. Fadwa Taiba Alazairi - 17 Sep 2018

    Thank you so much!!
    Alex is a profesional CV writer always on time & he did a great job
    For me my CV is great that in one week I had more then 3 interviews .
    I will recommend his service 100%.

  38. Dan Jones - 16 Sep 2018

    Very impressed. I had to read it twice to make sure it was mine !!!

  39. Dominika - 15 Sep 2018

    Very professional. Great contact. Completed met our expectations. Extremely happy with our CVs.

  40. jordan mainwaring - 11 Sep 2018

    very professional highly recommended and fast to great service 10/10 for me :) !

  41. tony woodhouse - 05 Sep 2018

    Excellent service from Alex my cv looks amazing Alex very helpful in making you stand out would recommend as I was recommended to use Alex’s services by a work colleague

  42. Andy Johnson - 03 Sep 2018

    Excellent service called Friday all done Saturday no messing no fuss

  43. Toma - 28 Aug 2018

    Excellent service, I didn’t know where to start with my CV as I had a bit of luck and never really had to apply for a job, therefore never had a CV. I listed my main skills, experience I gained, current responsibilities and Alex put it all together absolutely perfectly. Would definitely seek Alex’s assistance again if I ever need to.

  44. Jane - 27 Aug 2018

    Great service from Alex, fast and professional.

  45. Amy Wright - 21 Aug 2018

    Alex was absolutely amazing throughout the process of writing my CV. I didn’t have a clue where to start, all I had to do was give him some information with my career goals and he sent me back an amazing CV. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new job and wanting a brilliant/informative CV

  46. Phillip - 20 Aug 2018

    Efficient service from Alex, the wording and design is excellent, I will certainly be using Alex in the future for additional support.

  47. Nabeel m - 15 Aug 2018

    Excellent service got exactly what i wanted,highly recommended

  48. Ryan eley - 15 Aug 2018

    Excellent work and a great update to my cv thanks alex

  49. Gayle - 09 Aug 2018

    I ordered my CV and covering letter on Monday and received them the next day. I am delighted with the presentation and context, definitely a job well done. Thanks Alex.

  50. Lucy - 08 Aug 2018

    Alex is amazing his work is so good my cv is really good. Quick service and excellent results would recommend
    Thanks Alex

  51. Ewa - 06 Aug 2018

    I’m very impressed with Alex work. Alex did my new CV and letter all over again as I didn’t have a proper one for 15 years, my CV is very professional. I’m very happy with the service. Thank you Alex and I will highly recommend your service. Ewa

  52. Carole Chelliah - 05 Aug 2018

    I would highly recommend Alex for any CV requirements. He is patient, professional and a highly skilled writer. Thank you for my superb CV.

  53. Gueorgui - 30 Jul 2018

    Alex was very professional and responsive, very happy!

  54. Shafena Begum - 23 Jul 2018

    Thank you for a brilliant cv.

  55. Stephen - 17 Jul 2018

    Great service! I had a dead line and was struggling to get my CV sorted, spoke to Alex, and he helped me through every process. I sent him my current CV and job advert, he sorted my CV and helped with a covering letter for the job! Fantastic service will definitely recommend others to use!

  56. Sylwia - 13 Jul 2018

    I knew that my CV was outdated and needed a complete rewrite so I asked Alex for help and I am impressed! Excellent, professional affordable service. Will recommend to anyone. Thanks Alex.

  57. Asha - 12 Jul 2018

    I was really struggling with my CV and wanted it to look professional. I came across Alex’s site, called and spoke to Alex briefly explaining my details and position i was applying for, I sent the details of the position and asked for a covering letter as well.
    Within days he emailed my CV and covering letter, it was amazing and he definitely spends the time researching, and very precisely matching the description to the role.
    I am very happy and proud of my new CV it is excellent and has given me so much more confidence when applying for jobs, it is well worth the money i spent as we only get one chance when applying for vacancies.
    Thanks you so much Alex.

  58. Jamie Dunlop - 11 Jul 2018

    Worth every penny, perfect! thank you so much alex.

  59. Fedaa Mansour - 10 Jul 2018

    A friend of mine recommended Alex for me and that was the best thing this friend has ever done!
    I have received an outstanding professional C.V in a very few days and Alex was truly helpful..
    Thank you Alex, am happy with the service.

  60. Daiga - 05 Jul 2018

    Great service. Alex was very helpful & wrote a fantastic CV for me. I have struggled to express myself but he did a brilliant job on that. Definitely recommend.

  61. Kamil - 04 Jul 2018

    Professional, fast and high standard quality service.

  62. Hollie burns - 27 Jun 2018

    I contacted Alex yesterday to make my cv from scratch, I have received the completed cv less than 24 hours later and absolulty thrilled with it!
    Thankyou for such a quick and excellent CV. With the little information I gave, Alex was able to sell me to my full potential and I’m sure that I will get the job based on this CV alone!

    Thanks again for an amazing service and I won’t hesitate to recommend you!

    Hollie burns

  63. Alexandra - 23 Jun 2018

    Alex managed to upgrade my CV in a super quick time for a job application which was closing shortly, my CV is now highly professional; he has done a much better job than I could have done especially in such a short timespan! Thank you Alex, fingers crossed it gets me the job!

  64. Paul - 22 Jun 2018

    Excellent CV writing service.

    Fast and reliable, manages to deliver a concise, easy to read and appealing document.

    Great work.

    Many thanks.

  65. Hugo - 22 Jun 2018

    Alex was 5 stars, thank you for all your help, my CV looks amazing.

  66. Julie - 21 Jun 2018

    Alex was a true gent in his approach to my CV.
    After running my own buisness for 21 years I wanted to get back into normal life and a balance or work instead of 24 hours a day working.
    I found it very difficult to put all my many hats i had worn over the past 21 years into a CV.
    This is where Alex helped.
    Moving forward I applied for a few roles just to test the water and to my delight I landed myself an interview next week.
    Alex has always supported me and going forward tells me anything we need to adjust to drop him a quick message and job done.

    I have reccomended Alex to a few of my friends and will continue to do so in the future.
    I big big thumbs up to Alex.
    Spotless cleaning company

  67. leon kent - 15 Jun 2018

    An excellent C.V I would highly recommend this service. My new c.v. is easy to read with all of the relevant information included.

  68. Cathryn Elizabeth Holden - 06 Jun 2018

    I used Alex to write my CV, I could have done my own but thought I would ask a professional, so pleased I did he has done a fantastic job a million times better than I could have, in fact I would employ me with my new CV. Very professional service, kept in contact throughout. Highly recommend Alex, I will be telling all my friends about him
    thank you Alex

  69. Jacqueline Walls - 28 May 2018

    Alex gave me the cover letter and cv I needed. Concise and very well written. Would highly recommend. Would also use him again if needed.

  70. Nathan - 26 May 2018

    This is the second time I have used Alex,s services as usual the Cv is brilliant. Thanks Alex

  71. Brunilda - 25 May 2018

    Very professional service ,I would recommend you to all my friends
    Thank you.

  72. Diane Forster - 24 May 2018

    Alex has delivered a very impressive CV for me- He listened to what I wanted to convey and then managed to get it across in a clear, precise & professional manner.I would thoroughly recommend Alex’s services.Thank you Alex!

  73. Carol Reece - 24 May 2018

    I contacted Alex having taken early retirement from an organisation I had worked at for 29 years as I needed an up to date & professionally written CV so I could register with agencies and apply for work on a self-employed basis. I found Alex to be very prompt to respond to my initial enquiry, easy to communicate with, clear in what he could deliver and what information he needed from me to achieve the completion of my CV – He did not disappoint and my CV was with me within 72 hours of me providing the information.
    A very professional, reliable service at great value. I thoroughly recommend Alex and will not hesitate in using him again.

  74. David - 24 May 2018

    Absolutely delighted with an updated CV provided from Alex, this was just to keep my skills updated, very happy indeed. David

  75. Andrew Pole - 23 May 2018

    After many years of not updating my CV, due to a change in circumstances I needed to do so. After many attempts I realised that writing an effective CV about yourself is not easy so after some research I contacted Alex for help. From the start I felt very comfortable with Alex and within just a few hours Alex had written me an excellent CV, far better than anything I could have done. This new CV is now helping me land interviews. An excellent service and highly recommended.

  76. Livia C - 21 May 2018

    Hi. I asked Alex for help regarding my CV as my old CV wasn’t professional. The result was fantastic! Thank you so much for your hard work. I have already reffered you to my friends. Regards. Liv

  77. Susan Harris - 21 May 2018

    **Update** sent CV out within 2 days of receipt, interview and job offer within 6 days, thanks Alex.

  78. MIHAI CATARO - 18 May 2018

    I asked Alex to help me with a Cv from scratch and a linkedin profile.
    I must say i”m impressed. Both profile and cv looks very professional.
    Alex did a very good job in a very short time
    Thank you

  79. David Neilson - 18 May 2018

    I used Alex to create my CV after finishing University, within a very short period of time I had an interview and then gained full time employment. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone thinking about getting a CV done. He turned my CV into an extremely professional document, The amount of interest I was getting from employers was fantastic.


  80. Arthur - 18 May 2018

    Wow Alex. You make that CV like from heaven. More than perfect. Thank you so much.

  81. Rehan Khan - 12 May 2018

    Alex made my security CV, it was really very nice the way he polished my skills & experience in his words was amazing. I spoke with him over the phone and gave my details and I got my CV the next day. Alex is really trustworthy, very professional and a very nice person. I felt very comfortable while talking to him. I will use Alex’s services in the future definitely. I highly recommended him. Thanks Alex for helping us.

  82. Susan Harris - 10 May 2018

    Thank you Alex for your patience and your help, CV was just what was required, very professional, glad I chose you,Excellent service, you understood exactly what was needed.
    I would recommend your services to everyone. Thanks again.

  83. Adam Barker - 10 May 2018

    Very pleased with cv Alex wrote for me, all within 24 hours. Fabulous job, highly recommended!

  84. Mike walker - 06 May 2018

    Very pleased with my CV, absolutely fantastic piece of work; great service, would highly recommend Alex.
    Thanks very much

  85. Fiona Green - 01 May 2018

    Fantastic service and a fantastic CV thanks Alex, will definitely recommend your first class service

  86. Steve Horner - 01 May 2018

    Excellent service
    Would highly recommend

  87. Alex S - 30 Apr 2018

    What a fantastic piece of work, I am overjoyed at what Alex has produced. A glowing CV from scratch. You will not be disappointed with this magicians work. *****

    Thank you so much.

  88. David bryce - 18 Apr 2018

    What an absolute perfect service called Friday sorted by Monday. Applied for position Monday morning so fingers crossed.
    Highly recommend Alex very professional friendly knowledgeable people. Most certainly be using Alex again.

  89. Andre Girardier - 17 Apr 2018

    Great service, Alex is such a professional, would highly recommend. After posting my CV, I received my first interview and got the job.

  90. Lee - 14 Apr 2018

    Excellent and quick turnaround. This is the third time I have used Alex to write and update my CV. Have secured job offers from this on previous occasions and can highly recommend Alex……

  91. Roger Gibson - 14 Apr 2018

    Fantastic CV by Alex, he is very helpful and professional.

  92. Simon Tavender - 13 Apr 2018

    Fantastic service Alex, my CV looks extremely professional and relavent for the line of work I am looking for.

  93. Adam Williams - 12 Apr 2018

    Firstly Alex thank you.
    This Cv writer from start to finish amazing.
    I called Alex and told him that I had never written a Cv before.
    Within a couple of days boom a superb written Cv from scratch.
    Any question or queries he was on hand. Very helpful and polite.
    Thanks again Alex great work.
    Kind regards Adam.

  94. Philip Tobias - 10 Apr 2018

    Just what was needed, a true testament of writing skills that addresssed all I needed to say in a CV.

  95. Arnolds - 09 Apr 2018

    This cv service is amazing i would recommend anyone to try.

  96. Helen Pinna - 04 Apr 2018

    My husbands C.V desperately needed rewriting. I found Alex online. After a short conversation I asked Alex to do what was needed. It was pretty urgent. He had rewritten it in less than 3 hours at no extra cost. It looked amazing! My husband sent the C.V to the potential employer and 3 days later was offered the position he wanted. Fantastic. I would 100% recommend Alex’s services to anyone. Money well spent. Thank you Alex.

  97. Kathy K - 04 Apr 2018

    Absolutely delighted with my CV and the professional, speedy service I received from Alex. So much so, that I’ll be using him to update my LinkedIn profile. I’m feeling very confident and ready to go and grab the role I dream of. I am happy to recommend Alex to my friends & colleagues.

  98. Aarone Kuluha - 20 Mar 2018

    Hi Alex,

    You’ve won another customer, and many more.
    Good service and professional attitude.
    Highly recommend this service to boost your confidence.
    Dealt with my problem very well and highlighted my strengths.
    Good business!

  99. Alan Mckinnon - 17 Mar 2018

    Absolutely delighted to recommend Alex to anyone who is looking to Update or have a new CV drawn up.
    Having sent Alex the information that he required I have got to say that my CV is excellent.
    I am now thanks to Alex more confident of gaining employment back into the industry that I am targeting.

  100. Keith Jennings - 16 Mar 2018

    Received CV Saturday. Had interview Wednesday. Start 3rd April. Job done. Thanks Alex.

  101. Vladlena Krupenica - 14 Mar 2018

    An amazing and very quick service! Got my new polished CV in a couple of days. Very impressed with it and it looks so professional. Prices are very affordable. Very easy to deal with Alex and always very quick to reply back. Suggest his service to everyone who really wishes to get a CV done in a professional way!

  102. Peter Ramanouski - 11 Mar 2018

    Brilliant cv thanks

  103. vanessa yorke - 02 Mar 2018

    Very impressed with your prompt and professional service also excellent value for money. Very quick to reply to my requirements. Very approachable and friendly. So very happy with my c.v. will highly recommend you Alex for your service. Thank you once again.

  104. Karen Jennings - 28 Feb 2018

    I asked Alex to change my previous specialist role to be tailored more towards an administrator role, he did a fab job. The first interview I went for I got the job. Fab thanks so much Alex went over and above x

  105. Pawel - 18 Feb 2018

    Great and reliable service. Alex has done an amazing job.
    Thanks once again.
    I would Highly recommend to anyone.

  106. Andrea - 16 Feb 2018

    Highly recommend. Great feedback from my cv. Highly knowledgable and skilful. Thank you.

  107. Damian - 15 Feb 2018

    Top job! CV is really professional. Definitely worth the money. Great contact and quick service. Highly recommended!

  108. Gene A - 08 Feb 2018

    I am a heavy vehicle mechanic (trucks, buses) and got Alex to redo my CV; I thought my CV was good but Alex made it so much better, more concise, punchy and creating an instant good impression.

    Anyway using my new CV I received two job offers one from a company I really wanted to work for, with the manager of that company interviewing me specifically commenting on how excellent my CV was and of course I got the job.

    So top marks and a big thank you Alex!

  109. JANINE KIRBY - 07 Feb 2018

    Thanks Alex my cv is so good and a quick service and I wouldn’t know what id of done without you!

  110. Alan Byrne - 07 Feb 2018

    Received cv/cover letter/LinkedIn profile today have to say completely fantastic job from Alex everything looks Top. Highly recommend these guys to everyone 5* service!!

  111. Gary Greenan - 05 Feb 2018

    Excellent service, would Definetly recommend

  112. I Whitehall - 01 Feb 2018

    I finally have a CV I’m happy with. After weeks of trying to do it myself I contacted Alex and got a perfect CV. I can’t recommend him

  113. Joanne Ledger - 31 Jan 2018

    Fantastic cv Alex, cannot thank you enough. Your work has exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

  114. Laura Vincent - 30 Jan 2018

    I’ve been impressed by Alex’s speed, professionalim and his overall thorough approach to a CV. It’s a great value service that I wholeheartedly recommend.

  115. Matt - 29 Jan 2018

    Great service provided. Now I have a cv that not only looks professional but really shows me off to employers

  116. Myles Byrne - 29 Jan 2018

    Great job done on my CV by Alex.
    Exactly what i needed in terms of presentation and profile.
    Definitely recommend his services.

  117. Megan - 21 Jan 2018

    Excellent service. Alex really takes the time to understand what you have done and what you are looking for. Very impressed with my new CV!

  118. Owen - 20 Jan 2018

    Quick and professional service.
    Alex is really helpful at getting out all the information you may have forgotten to give you a perfect CV.

  119. Erin Blything - 18 Jan 2018

    Very quick and professional service.
    Alex is always available and willing to assist.
    CV is very professional and not over exaggerated.
    Would highly recommend Alex if you are looking for a CV detailed to suit your needs

  120. Ricards - 12 Jan 2018

    Alex saved me! Considering how chaotic my request was and how short the deadline, Alex made a fantastic CV for me. I am more than happy that I found the service. Thank you!

  121. Istvan Boldizsar - 08 Jan 2018

    I have got a fantastic CV from Alex! I would highly recommend him. I ordered my LinkedIn account as well! Thanks Alex!

  122. Polycarp Essien - 05 Jan 2018

    I contacted Alex during the festive period for my CV review, thinking nothing will be done until after the new year. He was responding to every email. A very friendly man and easy to deal with. It was very difficult to recognize the old CV I sent to Alex for review. He is truly a professional CV writer. I will recommend Alex to anyone with confidence.

  123. Tony Grimshaw - 04 Jan 2018

    I have never had a CV and needed one urgently. Alex guided me through it, easing information from me and compiling my CV with the information gained. It was an exceptional piece of work and he did it over Christmas and New Year. A great service and a very professional CV. Thank you Aiex. I have no problem what so ever recommending him to anyone wanting a very professional and effective CV.

  124. Nigel - 02 Jan 2018

    Hi, I contacted Alex in a hurry for a job advertised. He was fast to respond and got me the new cv within 24 hours..
    Excellent communication at all times and his writing skills were exactly what I was looking for

    Thanks so much

  125. Zack Liddell - 16 Dec 2017

    Would highly recommend Alex, highly professional CV with a very efficient service.

  126. Tommy Nevin - 06 Dec 2017

    Exceptionally professional, reliable service at a very reasonable cost, would highly recommend.

  127. Tim OConnor - 01 Dec 2017

    Alex did a great job for me. All looks totally in order and he even managed to highlight skills I would never have thought of. Feel so much more confident presenting this cv. Many thanks Alex !

  128. Lisa - Hove - 28 Nov 2017

    I thought my old CV was quite good until I read the new one that Alex made for me! He made me sound amazing and if I was an employer I would definitely hire me!Thank you Alex for a fantastic job and I will definitely be recommending you and using you again for other work.

  129. Sam - 27 Nov 2017

    My friend recommended Alex to re-write my CV and After using his service, I can honestly say he has done a great job!
    I can definitely recommend his services and will use again in the future!


  130. Marat Mambetov - 20 Nov 2017

    I would definitely recommend Alex if you need a CV. With the CV he made for me I have managed to find a new job within a few weeks. Thanks a lot for your help.

  131. Upendra Sharma - 19 Nov 2017

    I highly recommend Alex. He wrote a fantastic CV for a friend of mine. He is very professional and I am also sending him my CV to be done professionally. It is value for money. I would like to add that he did the CV for my friend on the weekend in less then 9 hours. He also amended the CV after when provided with more information without any extra charge. He is very friendly and prompt. Thank you Alex.

  132. Azis - 15 Nov 2017

    Excellent outcome! Alex is reliable and good at his job. You get a valuable result at the end.
    Thank you very much Alex.

  133. Ian Lloyd - 15 Nov 2017

    Very good. Thanks very much. Happy to recommend

  134. Kain powles - 11 Nov 2017

    I never had a cv, I spoke to Alex and gave all the information. Which he made so painless. Left it with him. Before I new it. My CV was here with me the very best thing I’ve read highlighting what I wanted. I fully recommend Alex to everyone he’s the best

  135. Vasile Cristian Stanciu - 10 Nov 2017

    Very professional CV made by Alex. Its exactly what I needed, even more than I expected. Will recommend to everyone I know. Thank you Alex

  136. Matthew Boak - 09 Nov 2017

    Brilliant service. Alex has done an amazing job with my CV. Gleaming work.

  137. Francisco - 07 Nov 2017

    Great service thanks for your help.
    Very impressive work.
    Definitely recomend your services 5*.

  138. Bernard - 03 Nov 2017

    Absolutely fantastic professional accomplished service provided.

    I’ve been in a sales capacity role for over 20 years now and found myself not knowing understanding and not being effective in the modern way a CV should be done.

    Alex has really helped me gain interviews from not getting any for months through upgrading and changing my CV. His tone manner and use of English has really helped and been invaluable and I really can’t thank him and his service enough.

    Even once I got the CV I asked him to change a few words and details on my CV, he did this in the evening and even in the morning of me taking my CV to prospective interviews.

    Really can’t thank Alex enough and I really can’t recommend his services enough.

  139. ian phillips - 03 Nov 2017

    Helped me out with a great cv, will use alex again and recommend to others!

  140. Emma - 02 Nov 2017

    Alex has transformed my CV considerably would highly recommend using his services! Efficient fast communication and clear understanding to make my individual requirements. Look forward to using his other services provided in the future.

  141. Frankli - 02 Nov 2017

    Alex is a true professional very knowledgeable, friendly
    and listens to your needs and implements them to your


  142. Kacem Morsli - 31 Oct 2017

    Excellent CV quick turnaround so happy highly recommended to anyone have already list of interviews in just a few days cannot thank you enough Alex, keep up the great work thanks again

  143. Hitesh - 31 Oct 2017

    Excellent service by Alex, fabulous CV better than I thought would be possible, money well spent, would recommend to anyone needing a CV or any other work.

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    Lola A -October 2017
    I am really happy with the CV Alex produced for me, it looks very professional. I am so glad that I used his services. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. Alex completed my CV in no time for a good price. Thanks to my new CV I feel more confident applying for jobs.

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    Amazing guy !

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  242. Bruce Lindsay - 29 Nov 2016

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    On time and on the button

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    Alex responded very quickly, and I would recommend this service to anyone.
    Once again, Many thanks for the excellent service you have provided.

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    I was having a horrible time writing my CV. I was moving on from a job I loved and did well but found putting it all into words impossible. I’ve got good English also.
    The CV I wrote was dire and I actually felt apologetic about it. It was the “Anti-CV”.
    In desperation I called Alex and from my effort he has produced such a turnaround.
    Alex is a gentleman first and foremost and very focused and very efficient. He oozes confidence which made parting with the fee insignificant.
    Don’t take a chance with your CV just give Alex a call and get a good nights kip.
    PS. Alex if you see my name badge one-day there’s a free pint for you old bean.

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    Many thanks LORNA from London

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  253. Giovanna - 24 Sep 2016

    23/08/2016 Giovanna
    I used Alex to write my cv. I never knew about his service until a friend of mine told me about it.
    He did my cv from scratch, I was very happy, he paid attention to the details that I asked for.
    The service was fast as well, I couldn’t ask any better, I will strongly recommend his service.

  254. Shane - 22 Sep 2016

    I used Alex as I wanted a more professional approach with my cv. After a couple of conversations he produced for me exactly what I wanted, efficient timing and an easy guy to talk to over the phone. I will be keeping his contact details and using him when I need changes. Well recommended

  255. Joseph Piti - 15 Sep 2016

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  258. Andy - 11 Aug 2016

    Great retail CV from Alex as well as a professional Linklin account update for me. Very quick and efficient to respond to any queries or make any changes if needed. Found Alex very professional and helpful throughout the whole process. Well worth the money invested in Alex’s work and I would not hestitate to recommend him for any of his services he offers. Very happy.

  259. Emma - 02 Aug 2016

    So impressed and pleased with the fast professional service I have received. I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone. Thank you x 10

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  261. Hayden Moorfield - 14 July 2016

    Got a bespoke CV from Alex for a specific role that came up that I really wanted to apply for. Alex was happy to make further changes that I requested on the CV. More than satisfied with the service as the brand new CV got me an interview and the job.

  262. MICHAL M - 29 June 2016

    Its the first time I’m using this sort of service and I am very happy with Alex work.
    Overall, very pleased for several reasons (ie. price,quick responds, professional language).
    I will be recommending this website to friends and colleagues. Thanks!

  263. Marzena - 15 June 2016

    I have recently asked Alex to update my CV after having the first one written by him about 2 years ago. My past experience? about 14 job interview invitations in 4 months while friends struggle to get 1. All without even sending that many CV’s and taking my time to accept the right job. Very fast and reliable service and brilliant CV worth every single penny spent.

  264. Sash - 12 June 2016

    I usually review products on Amazon, but first time I am reviewing a service. Alex created a first class professional Engineering CV for me. when I put in Job sites, I am getting double the responses. Timely delivery and Availability is another strength of cvwritingspecialists. Alex responded to my mails within 5minutes. Would recommend, 5 star.

  265. Grant King - 07 June 2016

    Excellent service, I had the CV reviewed after it was handed back to me and the feedback was superb and it had been ranked the top 4% of job seekers, perfect result and I couldn’t of sold myself better, recommend this service if you have experience in an industry but don’t know how to sell your services in the best light or even if you don’t have time to do it yourself. Thanks Alex

  266. Guy - 29 May 2016

    Great service. I sent all the info concerning the position I wanted to apply for. Alex geared the CV to the job role and the result was fantastic. Many thanks. Very professional.

  267. Daniel H - 17 May 2016

    My professional CV writer let me down the night before the CV had to be in. I contacted Alex at 21:40 to ask if there was anything he could do to help. He was polite and professional, having a full CV and cover letter written with in 12 hours. Amazing CV, amazing service, highly recommended.

  268. Gordon Hutchinson - 17 May 2016

    Just received my updated CV from Alex, it’s a work of art, I’m well happy with all my vast working experience condensed into 2 quality pages, it’s everything I wanted and hoped for, very professional indeed. Really happy with my new CV, a brilliant piece of work by Alex, I would have no problem recommending him and his professional services to anybody. Thanks Alex

  269. Debra winder - 16 May 2016

    Fast great service . Very professional service . Would recommend Alex . My new cv is excellent .

  270. Julie Johnston - 15 May 2016

    Thanks Alex for my CV and cover letter.Over 30 years of experience onto 2 pages not an easy task which I would have found hard to do. Here’s hoping I get an interview. Will post if I do.The CV looks very professional and I would recommend Alex.
    Thanks again Julie

  271. Alannah Cairns - 12 May 2016

    Fantastic work by Alex on my CV, not once but 3 times!
    I have recommended Alex to friends whom have also been delighted with the outcome of their professional CV. Alex produces a fine piece for employers to see the correct attributes of potential employees, he has it completed in a timely manner at a competitive price.
    Thank you Alex once again for a great CV! :)

  272. Zane - 11 May 2016

    Alex is true professional. I have used his services on several occasions over the years – Personal CV’s, Covering Letters and just received Company CV. Can not recommend highly enough… so pleased with his services every time and not to mention how speedy they are. He answers all questions within a minutes. Can not wait to see his professional touch on our upcoming website content. Thank You!

  273. Angus Brown - 11 May 2016

    Great job, I have much more confidence to get back into employment. The service was quick easy and professional.

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    Hi, my first ever cv and cover letter read and look amazing and so professional. Thank you.

  275. Sarah - 06 May 2016

    I’m so pleased with my cv and cover letter. Amazing service and I would highly recommend. Thank you

  276. Brandon - 25 Apr 2016

    Alex came recommended via an associate of mine who had used his services successfully in the past. His work is second to none and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone who like myself struggle to self-promote.

  277. Joey - 16 Apr 2016

    Alex was very helpful from beginning to end and so easy to work with and contact. He helped me with everything required and gave an exceptional service and produced a fantastic piece of work. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again in the future.

  278. Joe B - 15 Apr 2016

    Alex has provided exactly what I was looking for. Professional, prompt and my CV looks excellent.
    Would definitely recommend.

  279. Georgi Ivanov - 14 Apr 2016

    Alex has done a great job.His service is outstanding. My old CV has been totally overhauled and now looks really professional.Not only has he managed to present my skills,experience and high potential properly ,but also he has illustrated me as an achiever rather than a doer for which I am very grateful.Therefore his service is highly recommend to anyone.

  280. Massimiliano - 13 Apr 2016

    Great service and Fast!!
    I recommend it!

  281. syl odia - 06 Apr 2016

    Very professional, prompt Response and Job Well done

  282. Maria Dolores - 04 Apr 2016

    Great services Alex ,my Cv looks very professional and I got two interviews so far.I highly recommend your services.
    Well done

  283. FrancescoB - 31 Mar 2016

    Excellent service, I got the CV the very same day. I highly recommend it for those like who feels stuck with a boring CV .

  284. Aparna - 29 Mar 2016

    Alex has a done a great job in re writing my CV. Even though im a fresher with hardly any work experience, the kind of words and phrases he has used makes it look very attractive! A great professional touch!

  285. Edwin Okpeh - 29 Mar 2016

    I am very impressed with my new CV re-written by Alex. What a professional touch! I will highly recommend you to my friends. Excellent service by Alex. Thanks for your assistant.

  286. Sheila Neilson - 21 Mar 2016

    Fantastic service – Alex was extremely helpful, he has done my CV from scratch as i have worked for the same company for the last 20yrs and never required one. It looks fantastic and i am so grateful as i had no idea where to start. Really fast service. Thanks for all your help Alex.

  287. Guneet Mudhar - 17 Mar 2016

    Great work done by Alex . Cv looks very professional and appropriate . Thanks to Alex once again . Would highly recommend to others looking for work !

  288. shaun campbell - 17 Mar 2016

    I found Alex after researching many different CV writers and im very happy with my new CV. Very professional work, reliable and i would highly recommend to any one looking for improvements on their CV.

  289. Daniel Monk - 16 Mar 2016

    Excellent work by Alex, my CV now looks first class and I would recommend his services to anyone

  290. Steven Brumpton - 12 Mar 2016

    Had Alex give my CV a much needed professional rewrite.
    Very professional Service and am very happy with the finished product.
    Would recommend Alex for your CV writing.

    Very Satisfied. Highly recommend your Service

  291. Aidan Watson - 12 Mar 2016

    Fantastic CV and covering letter by Alex. He was very helpful and professional and delivered on his word. Would definitely recommend to anyone. I am a very happy customer.

  292. Gemma - 08 Mar 2016

    Great service by Alex, professional, quick, highly recommended, money well spent. I cant wait to see what responses i recieve from my new CV. i have shared your facebook page and will continue to do so i will also be recommending you to friends and family. Thanks again, if i need anything i will come back to you!!

  293. Julie Philip - 04 Mar 2016

    Alex did a great job writing my CV. What a fantastic professional quick service. Very impressed and will recommend to anyone I know looking for a new CV. First class. Thank you :)

  294. Riyaz - 01 Mar 2016

    Alex was recommended to me by a friend, and I have to say, Alex exceeded my expectations first time. In regards to timescales he delivered on what he promised, but above all the quality of the CV was brilliant. He new exactly what I was looking for and portrayed my working experience brilliantly on the CV. I’d highly recommend using this service. Thanks Alex!

  295. Guy - 25 Feb 2016

    Had more phone calls offering interviews in 2 days with the C.V. Alex prepared, than I’d had in a year with my own effort. Well worth doing

  296. Lee De - 09 Feb 2016

    Fantastic job done from Alex, I asked for a comprehensive CV in order for me to get a new role after 7 years, The CV was well worded and perfect and exactly what employers were looking for i ended up having 4 interviews within the week, which just shows you a good CV can help so much in a job hunt.

  297. Jaz - 21 Jan 2016

    CV writing specialists recommended to me by a friend – who has now got her dream job within a law firm! Very quick and professional service. CV looks brilliant and of a very high standard. No complaints whatsoever and would highly recommend using this service to others in need of a bit of help! Thank you very much for your fantastic work! :)

  298. Eimear - 18 Jan 2016

    Alex provided a very professional service with very quick turnaround- I was so pleased with the finished product. Thank you Alex

  299. Thelma James - 09 Jan 2016

    My school leaver son needed a cv to apply for jobs. With only GCSE results & limited work experience I was at a loss how to write it . Alex provided a first class service , easily contactable by email & phone , gave excellent advice & produced a fabulous cv in 48 hours .
    Very impressed !!!
    Thank you .

  300. NW - 07 Jan 2016

    Many thanks Alex – your expertise managed to decipher my very complicated contractors CV into something that was very professional, and that also drilled down and highlighted my vast experience in many business areas. The CV you produced secured myself a role with one of the Big 4 firms of Accountants! Cannot thank you enough.

  301. ALEXSANDR - 31 Dec 2015

    ALEX,did a great job, the service was fast and I’m very impressed with the CV. THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEX.

  302. Robin Keld - 23 Dec 2015

    Thank you Alex. I finally have the type of CV that I have always wanted. Well done!

  303. Teres Hager - 21 Dec 2015

    Alex has done a fantastic job with my CV. I feel so much more confident in my search for a suitable role now that I have such a well laid out and professional CV.

    I would highly recommend Alex. He is highly communicative and he really does get back to you with any questions/concerns.

    Great work Alex,

    Thanks so much!

  304. Kirsty - 17 Dec 2015

    Great service. I did not have a CV, having worked for the same organisation for years, and didn’t know where to start. Alex was very helpful, and explained what information was needed, which I duly e-mailed him. 24 hours later I had a professional looking CV which I will happily submit with confidence. A highly recommended service.

  305. Stephen Solomon - 10 Dec 2015

    Alex was recommended to me by a friend. All my interactions with Alex were pleasant and professional. I was very impressed with my new reworked CV and how quickly it was delivered.
    I was glad there were no shortcuts taken and the CV he produced most importantly represented me. It’s quality was well worth the investment.
    I am glad to say that after I got my new CV, I landed 2 interviews from 3 applications. I cracked the second interview and got a job a month after I got my new CV from Alex.
    I have already recommended Alex to friends and will continue to use his services if needs be.

  306. Michaela - 06 Dec 2015

    Alex was excellent… I hadn’t given him much to work with but he pulled it out of the bag. I now have a professional CV, a temp job offer and two interviews this week. I would definitely use him again and would highly recommend him to friends and family.

  307. Louise - 05 Dec 2015

    Alex, did a great job on 2 CV’s and a covering letter – He responded quickly to all emails and produced the documents within 24hrs.
    Highly recommended.

  308. Sharon - 05 Dec 2015

    Having had no need for a CV for 18 years I was in desperate need I contacted Alex told him what I needed and received a perfect CV done from scratch . highly delighted would definitely recommend

  309. simon rooms - 20 Nov 2015

    Fantastic CV great price quick and friendly service.

  310. John Culling - 20 Nov 2015

    Like many other clients, I had no requirement for a CV for 20 years and more but needed to apply for a job in a very small window of time. I called Alex on the evening of Wednesday 18th Nov and was greeted with a very professional and friendly voice. I explained I required a CV and covering letter in under 48hrs and to this he replied ‘no problem’. We exchanged a couple of emails and true to his word, my Inbox lit up this morning with what he had promised. I can’t thank Alex enough for an excellent and prompt service, I will be recommending him to all my colleagues, friends and Family.
    PS. The CV and CL exceeded my expectations and beyond.

  311. Hannah - 17 Nov 2015

    Really pleased with the finished result! Service was very fast, I made payment on the Sunday and by Monday my new, professional CV and cover letter was in my inbox. Would definitely recommend to all! And the first job I applied for with my new CV, within a day I got an interview and now I have the job! Thank you Alex :)

  312. Tariq Yakoob - 15 Nov 2015

    Alex done a brilliant job with a new cv I had done from him and made any changes if and when I required
    The service provided was exactly what it says on the tin(website) fantastic and will tell my friends and family who require there cv done too, and it was my brothers Cv I looked at and wanted the same and they done the same for me, money well spent many thanks

  313. Mario Cavallino - 12 Nov 2015

    Fantastic service and a first rate product. I have gone to Alex several times to revamp my CV and LinkedIn page and I have never been disappointed.

    Thank you for a brilliant CV and outstanding service.


  314. Bob Raymond - 12 Nov 2015

    Brilliant service Alex, after being out of the IT industry for over eight years, I had my CV rewritten by Alex to highlight my technical abilities. I applied for five jobs on the weekend, had a phone call on the Monday at 12:00 arranging an interview at 4:00, where I got the position. They said my CV ‘jumped out at them’. So many thanks again Alex.

  315. Andy H - 11 Nov 2015

    After submitting my existing CV for a number of roles without success Alex re-wrote mine and I have been called for an interview straight away! His expertise in identifying your skills and what you can offer to a specific role is excellent. Alex, also re-drafted my LinkedIn profile and that too has attracted a lot of interest since his makeover. Thank you Alex for all your effort – I suppose it’s all up to me now with my upcoming interview! Thank you Alex.

  316. Saskia Saday - 29 Oct 2015

    I used Alex to write my CV and Cover letter. Alex was very helpful, my CV looks fantastic. Great service,would highly recommend. Thank you so much Alex!!!!!

  317. Edijs Podins - 26 Oct 2015

    Very impressed. Didnt had big job experience to put on CV, but Alex made it look like im professional in a lot of things. Thank you very much, top service!

  318. Catalin - 23 Oct 2015

    Well done Alex. Lovely CVs for me and my wife. Very professional and helpful with all my requests. Great job. I will highly recommended to all my friends. Thank you for your help.

  319. Paula - 10 Oct 2015

    Alex provides an excellent, quick and very professional service.
    I had my CV, cover letter and Linkedin page upgraded.
    The results were beyond my expectations, would highly recommend this
    Service and dealing with Alex – great investment and value too.

  320. Joe - 23 Sep 2015

    I have used Alex services on a few occasions and each time i am amazed with the talent and professionalism of his Service. Alex has again tailored a CV which has enabled me to apply for a position,its fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex to anyone who is thinking of upgrading,renewing or requires a new CV this is the person to contact.I will continue to use Alex as this work is second to none,highly recommended.

  321. Sebastian - 08 Sep 2015

    Exceptional service – Alex you turned my poorly written CV into a brilliant looking one. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work effort you have put into my CV just now. You were quick efficient got it done as you said and to the point. I will have no hesitation in recommending you in the future if there are any of my friends etc who requires your expertise knowledge. Thank you again.

    All the best.


  322. Rebecca D - 03 Sep 2015

    I have recently been in contact with Alex regarding my CV. My old CV was not doing me any justice. I sent my CV off to Alex and received a professional analysis in a very timely manner. Within 48 hours, I received a brand new CV that I am more than impressed with! Great service that I would highly recommend!

  323. Tony Olver - 30 Aug 2015

    A first class CV by Alex, very professional & completed within a specified timeframe well worth the money.

  324. Mark - 19 Aug 2015

    Alex’s professionalism and ability shone through as he adapted to my very specific needs for an application. I would absolutely recommend his services.

    Thank you again!


  325. Sandeep Bharaj - 13 Aug 2015

    I was really impressed with Alex and his professionalism. He produced and outstanding CV and covering letter within a limited time frame.

    I used another service a few years ago and Alex surpasses the precious one by far!

    I have already recommended to my peers. Great service!

  326. Marshall - 11 Aug 2015

    I paid, went to bed and woke up with the documents in my email. This must be how Donald Trump feels when we gets up. Service was super fast and friendly. I ordered a revamp of my CV and also took the package for a covering letter. My CV looks much better now. Reduced from 3 pages to one and a half and everything is there!(I don’t know how but I am thrilled). The letter is strong and compelling.
    I will recommend and definitely return. ***** five stars

  327. Gerry Russell - 06 Aug 2015

    Great service, got a CV, cover letter and linkedin profile package all done within 2 days, and it was customised towards my aspirations in the finance industry. Colleagues were also very impressed, and have already contacted Alex for help. Can’t fault the delivery, Alex is patient, thorough, a pleasure to deal with and really does have extensive CV knowledge. Thanks again.

  328. Andrew Oliver - 19 Jul 2015

    Sometimes you read testimonials and think they are fake, I can truly say that I’m amazed by the standard of work that Alex has produced.Please feel free to contact me if that’s possible.

    Thanks Alex

    Andy- Belfast

  329. David - 16 Jul 2015

    Wow i am truly impressed with the service Alex provided. From the first conversation till when the CV was created, everything was smooth. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again

  330. mike reid - 10 Jul 2015

    What a CV this is Alex, I got a reply from an agency within 3 hours, Enough said.cheers.

  331. Alina - 08 Jul 2015

    So impressed by how professional and attractive my CV looks,especially considering that I have very little work experience! Alex did a truly amazing job by making my qualities and experiences look in the best and most professional way. Without any doubt I will recommend Alex to my friends or whoever needs a help their CV! Thank you very much!

  332. Ioana - 06 Jul 2015

    Amazing fast service. Well done!!! 5*

  333. Kate king - 27 Jun 2015

    Extremely fast and efficient service would highly recommend this company. proofs in the pudding; I got the job ! Woo whoo
    Thank you very much

  334. Billy - 16 Jun 2015

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    great communication and very fast turn around i would highly recommend.

  335. Michael Luciano - 03 June 2015

    CV produced to a high standard and very professional – great service, thanks you

  336. wayne - 02 June 2015

    Guys you will not be disappointed Alex is great my CV looks great and so did my covering letter.

    Cheers Alex

  337. Dominic Grech - 27 May 2015

    Fantastic. My CV has gone from an irrelevant piece of work into something that now shouts out employ me!!! Really happy with Alex’s work. Very quick turn around and it is focused on exactly the key areas i wanted. Will recommend Alex to anyone looking to improve their CV.

  338. Giorgio Biasi - 06 May 2015

    Alex proofread and edited my terribly written and complicated thesis at very short notice because I was late at the deadline. He turned the work around in 24 hour which was very impressive. His attention to detail, and skill with grammarr, punctuations and correcting my mistakes is a great standard. He went over it meticulusly many times and amended all my errors, which I was very concerned about as English isnt my first language. Alex then emailed me back with an absolutely perfect thesis which now makes complete sense, is all 100% correct and consistent all the way through. Very happy ! Highly recommended. Giorgio.

  339. Jamaal - 02 May 2015

    Amazing just amazing! There is no other way to describe the CV that Alex created for me!!

  340. Gavin King - 25 Apr 2015

    Wow ! Fast turnaround and absolutely wonderful CV. Superbly written, immaculately presented, and highly suitable for my application as a management consultant. Will send out with confidence. Thanks Alex – very impressed, the quality of the CV is exceptional. Gavin King

  341. Joseph Aiman - 08 April 2015

    Thanks Alex for helping to bring my CV back to life ! I am now so proud of how it looks. I would always personally recommend Alex for any work needed for CVs and cover letters. I got great value for the price, and I also got some of my other work professionally formatted from Microsoft word to Kindle mobi and ePub format, which is excellent quality and the attention to detail is very, very impressive.
    My lengthy CV was beautifully re-written, not a job for the impatient, all thanks to this exceptional service. I will be retaining Alex’s details and this website address as I will probably need help with application forms too in the near future.

  342. Priscilla Lindon - 02 Apr 2015

    Alex had to do my cv from scratch, I sent him all my background information and also the new career change that I had in mind, with only one telephone conversation on top of this he produced an amazing CV for me within 24 hours, thank you.

  343. Jason Warren - 25 Mar 2015

    Within a week of sending out my new cv, I have received several inquiries, and been complimented on my cv. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thanks.

  344. Paul Gascoyne - 22 Mar 2015

    Great service – Alex was brilliant from start to finish and I secured employment within weeks thanks to the professional CV. Due to the excellent service and professionalism Alex provided during this process I highly recommend the service he provides !!!!

  345. Mark H - 18 Mar 2015

    When you send your CV over for a job and then the woman calls you back and says “Your CV…WOW” you know it’s money well spent!
    You won’t find a better CV writter for the price on the web ( i looked ) The CV looks great and the extra for the cover letter is well worth it…
    Thanks Alex, I’ve forwarded on your contacts to everyone i know who needs a re-write

  346. Kristine - 10 Feb 2015

    Great job Alex! Thank you so much, i’ll recommend you to all my friends.
    Very helpful, everything done perfect!
    My CV is fantastic!

  347. katarin - 08 Feb 2015

    Excellent Job Alex. I am very satisfied about my CV and Cover letter. Definitely I will get a new job. I am very confident about it. Thank you one more time. Very Good.

  348. Chloe Meakin - 08 Feb 2015

    Alex thanks for the great service – it was fantastic and you were very helpful. I tried to do the CV myself but it was extremely complicated. Your new CV has already helped me to get 3 interviews. I would recommend your services. Thank You.

  349. Derek Harman - 03 Feb 2015

    Very good service from Alex. We had a very friendly casual phone conversation & from the information I gave him, he drafted an excellent CV. Response time was great (the next day), cost was very reasonable too. Highly recommended.

  350. Lorne Brooks - 22 Jan 2015

    After a brief phone call and outline of what I was after, I was more than happy to leave it to Alex to produce a CV suitable to aid my career progression. When I received the final product on time might I add, I was blown away with the way it had been put together. 10/10 for everything and really worth every penny.
    Highly recommended.

  351. Victoria Moore - 16 Jan 2015

    Excellent CV and cover letter…got a few good job offers using the CV so very pleased with the outcome! Would recommend Alex’s services to others. Thanks Alex.

  352. Adam P - 10 Jan 2015

    Excellent Service – Well worth the fee — Working as a contractor in the oil and gas industry I emailed my CV to every client I know of, since Alex took my CV and put his professional touch to it my work opportunities have gone up 10 fold, I honestly believe Alex has played a major part in the position I am now in…. Credit to you and I will continue to recommend your service to anyone I speak to about work and CV’s… Thanks again Alex.

  353. Guy Bouffard - 8 Jan 2015

    Being a Canadian looking for teaching employment following my teacher training period, Alex created an outstanding CV which I will present when applying for jobs in the near future. He was quick, efficient, professional, and true to his word. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for an upgrade or a complete makeover. Thanks again Alex!

  354. Emma - 30 Dec 2014

    After having worked in the same industry for over ten years, I felt that i needed a change of career. Several unsuccessful applications later I decided to search for support with my CV. Alex completed my CV very quickly and included cover letters. In less than a month I had four interviews and entered into a new career in a different industry. I was so impressed with Alex’s work that whenever a promotion came up I contacted him again to update my CV. I would recommend this service to all my friends.

  355. Harpinder Cuthbert - 29 Dec 2014

    I went online and looked around for help before contacting Alex. I emailed my CV and received comprehensive feedback within an hour. The following day, I received a professionally written CV which was completely tailored to match the job that I wanted to apply for. The CV was very skillfully structured and combined all my employment etc on 2 pages. On the strength of the new CV, I received an offer of an interview which is booked for early January 2015. Very excited and extremely grateful ! Harpinder.

  356. Jenni P - 09 Dec 2014

    I am so glad that I got in touch with Alex, he has done a fantastic job in totally re-working my cv – it looks totally amazing! He offers a professional, efficient service and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. Thank you Alex for doing an amazing job!

  357. Dawn Williams - 04 Dec 2014

    Alex, You are such a brilliant wordsmith, I can’t thank you enough for crafting my beautifully written CV, which captured accurately all the essential information I fundamentally needed. As always you never fail to exceed expectations and I have full confidence in recommending you to family and friends.

  358. stuart stanfield - 03 Dec 2014

    Great service Alex, extremely helpful and produced a fantastic cv and cover letter will be recommending you at all of my colleagues

  359. Craig Fisher - 27 Nov 2014

    I have recently had a CV/covering letter done. I am very impressed with the outcome the CV looks amazing and the covering letter had everything which was needed in it. would recommend this service to anyone. very impressed!!

  360. Dawn Williams - 24 Nov 2014

    I was searching the internet and discovered Alex. I contacted Alex to explain my concerns, as I was struggling with self-promotion, and how best to address my skills and achievements in a covering letter aimed at the recruitment sector. The linguistics he chose reflected both my achievements and personality creatively and succinctly, demonstrating how I could add value to this position. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alex to all my friends and family, who I found to be approachable and professional. He is truly one of this industry’s finest writers.

  361. Neil Crayfield - 23 Nov 2014

    Clear communication during the process to produce a very finely tuned CV/letter, we went back and forth and the work was completed early which exceeded my expectations. I will not hesitate at all to recommend the service to anyone that requires a new CV or Cover Letter. Neil Crayfield.

  362. Diana Gatova - 15 Nov 2014

    I am very pleased with the quality of my new CV. Alex was very helpful and professional. I am now approached by some of the top companies and contacted for interviews. I would strongly recommend him to all my friends and acquaintances.

  363. Fabia Smith - 07 Nov 2014

    Received an extremely professional CV and LinkedIn profile. Within only 24 hours the amount of emails and phone calls I got had definitely increased by sending out the new CV, which also led to getting more interviews. I am very happy to have been offered a customer services position with a reputable organisation, all thanks to the high quality CV created by CV writing specialists. Fabia Smith.

  364. Carol Silva - 04 Nov 2014

    Amazing CV, it walked me into an interview within 2 days of sending it out and the interview panel commented on the quality, skills and structure, saying it was very impressive. An excellent investment, I will be telling my family and friends about your service and how you helped me to get more interviews. Thanks again – Carol Silva.

  365. Harriet Fisher - 22 Oct 2014

    Will undoubtedly refer you to friends & family etc as the CV that you created from my complicated career was absolutely outstanding. What really impressed me was within 24 hours you managed to get my old page 5 CV onto 2 pages and slot all the achievements and skills in the right places. Excellent. Would of happily paid more. Thanks again – Harriet.

  366. Adrian Cooper - 06 Oct 2014

    Chatted on the phone and discussed why I needed a CV and what it needed to represent. The next day I was emailed a CV that laid out my work experience, skills, and achievements in a very impressive style. My old CV was 5 pages of garbage, Alex got all the good stuff onto 2 pages which really did surprise me. I would have quite happily paid more for what is a very high quality product. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you – Adrian.

  367. Anna Mazurczak - 29 Sep 2014

    I was very pleased with the service, especially Alex’s, I would definitely recommend him. He has done fantastic job with my CV. I am really impressed with my CV and covering letter they both look very professional. Thanks Alex

  368. Samad - 19 Sep 2014

    student in uni on final year, looking to update my CV, was well pleased with the CV and letter.

    Wish me luck people!

    Defo work it, recommendations all round.

    Thanks Alex!

  369. hind - 10 Sep 2014

    Very quick and efficient service would highly recommend Alex

  370. Bendita Tomoso - 04 Sep 2014

    Got a great 2 page CV done, a brand new LinkedIn profile and also got my CV perfectly translated into my native language, all within 24 hours for an excellent price. I shopped around first and spoke to a few companies and decided to choose this one because they responded quickly and really wanted to understand what I needed. Have already told all my friends !

  371. Simon Curtis 28 Aug 2014

    I used Alex for my CV in preparation for graduating. I contacted him initially after noticing an advertisement, with a helpful response. I received a fantastic CV and cover note very quickly, with clear and quick correspondence. I have no doubt his helped in getting a job very quickly after graduating. Highly recommended.

  372. Sarah Wood - 20 Aug 2014

    fantastic service, immediate response and CV was more than I expected well worth the money. Alex did a brilliant job!!

  373. Martin Allanford - 19 Aug 2014

    I must say a big thank you for your great work on my cv which now looks out of this world ! definitely a great investment and I highly recommend your services. Alex also helped us out with some Google adwords and created a campaign that has put our website on page 1 of Google. Thankyou! Martin.

  374. Angela - 11 Aug 2014

    Excellent CV and covering letter, came highly recommended by my friends, very fast service, I will definitely recommend having your CV done professionally by this company!!

  375. Charles Mclean - 02 Aug 2014

    great cv well done and very fast.

  376. Giovanni - 01 Aug 2014

    exceptional fast friendly service with a professional end result!

  377. Nikki - 29 July 2014

    Extremely impressed with the service I’ve received from Alex. Professional, polite & great communication. Alex knew exactly what I wanted in my CV & where I wanted it to be. He excelled my expectations, not one change was needed. I’d happily pay a lot more for such a tailored, personalised & exceptional service. Comes highly recommended. Many thanks! I know I’ll excel with this CV now!

  378. Helen Pool - 27 July 2014

    Great Service. Alex was very helpful and knowledgeable and understood exactly where i needed my CV to be focused. Great communication and very reasonably priced for my CV and Covering Letter. Recommend Alex to anyone needing some help with their CV. Thanks!

  379. Alin - 25 July 2014

    I was very impressed with the excellent service provided by Alex. Excellent CV and covering letter, great price, thank you for efforts and for the service. I will definitely recommend you to all anyone. Great job !!!

  380. Clair - 23 July 2014

    Thanks for a fabulous service – would highly recommend. Completely changed my CV to the best it can be.

  381. John - 22 July 2014

    Great service and a lot of interviews lined up within weeks of Alex doing my cv!

    My phone has been going mad from people calling me up! Definitely recommend!

  382. Fraser Donaldson - 22 July 2014

    I had no issues at all with the service. It was quick,efficient and the final out come was exactly what I needed to further my career.
    The price was reasonable too. If anybody wants to update or create a new cv,I recommend using Alex.

  383. Sheila - 18 July 2014

    good service and great CV done for me !! now fingers cross. I definitely recommend it !!!

  384. Nigel Clyde - 14 July 2014

    Got offered a new role 2 weeks after you emailed me the new CV. The new position is a step up the ladder for me and I really thought my old CV was strong ! After your expertise, I have now got a role where finally I can really demonstrate my flair for projects, business analysis, documentation and work scopes. Thanks again for your service as it has helped me to develop my career. Nigel.

  385. joe - 03 July 2014

    This is the third time I have used Alex, again an excellent and professional service. I would highly recommend Alex’s services for those like myself who think they can write a CV but are only fooling themselves. Again great service and fantastic writer.

  386. Thamjeed McCafferty - 02 July 2014

    Turned a very lifeless and poorly written CV into a brand spanking new version that secured me a couple of interviews. The process of getting CV help was brilliant and my CV is now completely tailor-made and has received far more interest than my old effort. Thankyou for working the CV magic. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending and I also got advice about how to perform at the interviews. Thamjeed.

  387. Kevin Gillon - 27 June 2014

    I have used Alex’s CV writing service twice ; for my daughter and myself.
    Both times Alex compiled excellent,professional CVs from the information given.
    His phone manner is friendly and his diction is very clear; he is also very precise in compiling a CV from what he is told.
    I highly recommend Alex.
    Thank you ,
    Kevin Gillon.

  388. Ian Sawyer - 23 June 2014

    Would of quite happily paid more for the quality CV that was written for me – very prompt service even when I needed mine doing by the next day. My old effort of a CV was hardly getting interest from employers or agencies. Within a day of emailing the new CV off I got calls from agencies and set-up two face to face interviews. I got quality service and a top notch CV which was all done in 24 hours. Very happy. Ian.

  389. James robson - 19 June 2014

    I have to say I have never been dealt with so professionally. He really does no his stuff and my cv is absolutely amazing. Will be recommending to every one I no. Thank you very much

  390. Z Ali - 18 June 2014

    Alex knows his stuff. Excellent CV. I love it. Recruiters love it. Wife and Friends love it. Couldn’t be happier.
    Thanks Alex.

  391. Joseph Morecambe - 10 June 2014

    My new CV is definitely getting more attention than my old outdated one, within 2 days of sending it out I have been invited for 3 interviews. Your help in assessing and completely re-doing my CV has got a response that I am quite overwhelmed with. Much appreciated – will definitely recommend your services – Joseph.

  392. Tina Walsh - 02 June 2014

    Extremely pleased, the CV was completed ahead of schedule and have already been offered a face to face interview. The content is great, it incorporates all my skills and experience and includes my personal characteristics. Very happy – thanks.

  393. Paul - 23 May 2014

    Excellent cv. the style and layout were very profesional and certainly did the job it was made for.

  394. Ahmed - 21 May 2014

    Got my old CV overhauled into a new one as I was looking to change jobs. Then furiously applied for jobs over 2 months and now I start a new job next month. Thanks.

  395. Sue - 20 May 2014

    Went after jobs with the new CV you wrote and got contacted quickly by employers. One offered me the job after the first interview. The other interviews are this week.
    Excellent – many thanks.

  396. Martin - 13 May 2014

    Your CV was great it got me interviews and recruiters have said they liked it.
    Highly recommend this CV service as the products are exceptional. I needed help at the weekend and still managed to reach someone who could advise.

  397. Harpreet - 12 May 2014

    My old CV was revamped and completely re-done to target a different industry. I was provided with a concise, well constructed CV at a good price. Great communication, friendly, genuinely wanted to help and made sure I was happy with the end product.

  398. Edward - 09 May 2014

    Got my CV updated to a compelling, unique and more engaging one. Subsequently, it got me an interview and then a job that I was aiming for. If you need a CV writing professional, I would recommend this particular service. A friend me referred because he got his CV done as well. Appreciated.

  399. Moshua - 03 May 2014

    Outstanding, have used this service before and it never disappoints, have secured interviews and jobs on both occasions in the last 2 years. Very impressed. Will definitely keep coming back when needed again in the future. Ta.

  400. Roberto - 01 May 2014

    Well worth getting the professionals to do my CV and I’ve told colleagues and mates about this service already. I got the CV back in 24 hours with a covering letter to apply for jobs. We made a few tweaks and emphasized some points, I even got some different layouts so I could choose what suited me best. Fantastic.

  401. Torie - 01 May 2014

    Needed a CV at very short notice, got it back 3 hours later. It was transformed from 6 pages onto 3 (half the length) and read fantastically well, with all the good bits, terminology, characteristics, skills etc. Sent it out, got a good response and have been selcted for second interviews which I’m very happy about. Really appreciated – thanks again. Great service.

  402. Anju - 27 Apr 2014

    Searched online and chose this service then sent over 3 versions of my cv and a 2 page job spec. The next day it had been laid out onto a 2 page CV all very pristine which I adore. I applied for new employment straight away and got contacted for interviews the next day. I wanted changes made to my CV which wasn’t a problem and we played around with fonts and layouts, and tweaked bits. All in all, I’m more than happy to recommend this service because it got me some good interviews for jobs that I knew I was capable of doing.

  403. Valerie Magdel - 26 Apr 2014

    Excellent ! I just felt that I had to say a big thank you as since you wrote and overhauled my CV I’ve had 2 job offers. The way that you summarised my career and skills was amazing. Having dealt personally with Alex from start to finish, he was very patient, professional and even with my very short deadline was happy to take calls from me at the weekend. My particular industry is very competitive so presenting the new CV made a BIG difference. Well worth the investment and a pleasure to deal with. Alex, you are very talented at what you do. Will def recommend you to anybody that needs your help. Thanks – Valerie

  404. Matthew F - 26 Apr 2014

    I was very pleased with the quality of Alex’s work and will definitely recommend. Great service and will use CV Writing Specialists again.

  405. Hilary- 25 Apr 2014

    Desperately wanted a good CV, the service, attention and patience I was presented with were excellent as I was very busy. The end product took my breath away, my work history was rather complicated and I was very impressed with the content, quality and first impression of the CV. Definitely a good investment – very pleased.

  406. Morgan - 24 Apr 2014

    Thank you so much for the excellent CV and covering letter. It gives me great confidence to get out there looking for a new challenge. I believe I have made a very small but significant investment in hiring you to do this work for me. You have a real gift. I couldn’t have even come close to presenting the documents and information so well.
    Thanks again

  407. Tom Martin - 13 Apr 2014

    I’m absolutely delighted to let you know that I was offered a new job last week after you re-wrote my CV 3 weeks ago. The assistance and guidance you gave me was very supportive and the CV quality itself got great feedback and compliments from the recruitment agencies and employers that read it. I really can’t express enough how grateful I am as when I first contacted you my CV was messy. I’d seen some jobs that I wanted to apply for and was very stressed because I knew my CV was terrible and needed a lot of work. After searching online and finding Alex, he quickly put me at ease, giving me hope and making me feel reassured as he really listened and understood what I needed and I didn’t feel rushed at all. My new job starts next month and comes with a nice pay rise as well so I will be referring many people to you without hesitation. I’ve already saved your website address and contact details just in case I need your help again. Great service and CV presentation – Tom.

  408. andrew mason - 09 Apr 2014

    just had my old professionally writtien cv and covering letter looked at and re written looks and reads some moch better looking forward to see how it helps me progress in my career would recomend to all well worth the cost

  409. Epeli Nakanacagi - 04 Apr 2014

    I sent Alex my CV which i had done myself. He promised that it will be a 24hrs turnaround and he will re-do my CV to meet the required standard that i was hoping for. As a result, all promises were fulfilled and he did tremendous work on my CV. The cost was never near or compared to what he had done and I would of happily paid more for it.

    I have reccomended Alex to my mates. Trust me, it’s worth your money folks.

  410. Iona Lawrence - 01 Apr 2014

    My new CV that Alex created within 24 hours has already got me 2 interviews. He completely honoured the timescales given and was contactable with questions and very helpful throughout the whole process. I cannot thank him enough as my new CV really is a masterpiece, on 2 pages, eye catching, beautifully written, nicely laid out and I can now send it out with confidence. My cousin also needs CV help so I’ve given him Alex’s number. Highly recommended if you need professional assistance with your CV from someone who really does want to help.

  411. Dave - 26 Mar 2014

    Alex has done a great job on my cv, I sent him over my old cv and he has re-written it and made it stand out from the rest, a truly fantastic service and a very good price as well, if you are wanting yours doing get it sent over to him now, you will not be disappointed!!

  412. Kevin Howden - 24 Mar 2014

    Sent Alex over 5 different documents made up of my old CVs as well as a couple of old application forms I’d completed and a job spec. How he made sense of it all I really don’t know as there was about 20 pages in total and it was really messy. Within 2 days, he emailed me an absolutely outstanding CV, he’d condensed it all down, taken out all the waffle and duplication and created a CV that really showed my experience, skills and career in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Not only did he exceed my expectations, but delivered value for money many times over and was half the price of other companies I’d contacted. I showed a colleague who was amazed and the new CV has already got me the interview that I was aiming for. Excellent service. Very highly recommended. A pleasure to deal with – Kevin.

  413. Joe - 24 Mar 2014

    Joe McL 24 MARCH 2014-First class service from Alex,i sent him loads of information about myself and in a short time ( 2 days) cut through the info and delivered a CV which is second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alex to write a CV or any other letter regarding work,employment etc. I can now approach potential employers with confidence thanks to Alex. Again many thanks Alex.

  414. Harish Patel - 23 Mar 2014

    Alex had reviewed my CV and my LinkedIn profile and fed back as to what was required. Alex had re-wrote both and when I received it back I was amazed with the rich to the point content. And within 48 hours as promised.
    I have already recommended Alex to my friends.
    Thanks Alex.

  415. Craig - 20 Mar 2014

    After being passed Alex’s mobile number I lost it, and several months later found it in the rear of a notes jotter. I text Alex and he called back within minutes prompting me to forward my CV for his review. An honest appraisal a day later and a complete re write given, I was forwarded what can only be described as a professional concise clear and impressive CV. Cannot thank Alex enough, and have already forwarded it to several offshore companies for their consideration !! Brilliant work Alex, thank you ! I will be in touch again, no question.

  416. Lynn Croxford - 18 Mar 2014

    I have just received my CV and covering letter from Alex . I am absolutely thrilled with what Alex has done with what can only be described as the bare bones of a CV that I struggled to put together. I cannot speak highly enough of the professional service I received . I feel very confident in aplplying for vacancies now.
    Thank you.

  417. Damian Cook - 18 Mar 2014

    Was passed Alex’s details after he did a CV for a friend, he created a 2 page masterpiece with a very well written statement, attributes and key skills etc which I sent out straightaway. One week later, very pleased to say I’ve been to 3 interviews and been asked back for 2nd interviews for the one’s that I wanted the most. Both companies commented on the CV quality and it really won them over. Have already recommended Alex to some friends and also relatives who have contacted him for CV assistance. Thanks Alex – you’ve been a massive help.

  418. Debbie - 16 Mar 2014

    I contacted Alex about 4 weeks ago and within him re vamping my CV and me installing it to agency websites the response from them was unbelievable. I went for an interview last week for them to say how impressed they were with my CV and then only to go and secure that job, I am over the moon and I am sure that if I had not contacted Alex I wouldnt be feeling so overjoyed right now. Many thanks and I would thoroughly recommend him

  419. diane - 09 Mar 2014

    a great job from Alex. Reliable, professional and excellent service.

  420. Amanda - 07 Mar 2014

    Excellent service from Alex. My CV has been improved 100%. I am alot more confident when applying for jobs now. Would definitley recommend…Thanks Alex

  421. james kay - 06 Mar 2014

    Excellent service, Alex was very helpful and very easy to speak to, me and my partner both had a CV done and they were done at the time scale Alex promised.I highly recommend Alex as our CVs are amazing…..thank you …

  422. Melanie Atedgi - 04 Mar 2014

    Was so happy with the results that Alex did with my cv and covering letter, would highly recommend to anyone looking to get their profesional cv done for the first time, was easy to do with Alex’s help and was all sent to me within 24 hours. Thanks Alex.

  423. Daniella - 02 Mar 2014

    Fantastic CV and Covering Letter produced within 24 hours! Very pleased with the service, Alex was extremely helpful i would highly recommend this service to anyone. Thank you once again :)

  424. Tracey - 01 Mar 2014

    Great CV and cover letter produced for my job application in the USA. Alex geared it perfectly for the position I was applying for. Would highly recommend.

  425. Karl - 27 Feb 2014

    Alex did a great job of condensing my long complex CV in to a more compact, eye catching and ultimately better version. Turn around was very quick with a nice consultation process to ensure I had what I wanted. Well worth the price of admission!

  426. Carl Dakin - 26 Feb 2014

    I would not know where to start. I have a eye catching CV and I did not have to lift a finger. I am well chuffed.

  427. paul ferguson - 24 Feb 2014

    Fantastic customer service, takes out all the pressure of trying to do it yourself .
    Many thanks

  428. Colin Bell - 22 Feb 2014

    I recently had my Cv done off Alex. I am well happy with my cv now. A very professional Service from Alex . I would recommend him to Anyone .


  429. Arman Zolrahmi - 22 Feb 2014

    Brilliant service. Alex created a CV for my father and he is very happy with it. I would definitely recommend anybody that needs a professional CV and Covering letter to get in touch with Alex. Very professional and quick, without compromising quality. Thanks!

  430. Callum Ward - 21 Feb 2014

    My CV is amazing walked into several interviews within days and got a job later that week, well worth the money thanks alot.

  431. Kris - 20 Feb 2014

    Excellent service! Meaningful and concise!
    I highly recommend Alex. Thank you!

  432. Eleanor Lean - 20 Feb 2014

    Thanks Alex for a very prompt and professional service. My marathon 5 page out of date CV was condensed, styled and presented brilliantly. Personal touch much appreciated. Anyone out there don’t hesitate or wait to get your CV’s updated. Definitely the best investment I have made. Can’t wait to get mine out there and get that job!

  433. Brian Ford - 20 Feb 2014

    Since getting my outdated CV re-done by Alex 2 weeks ago I have had increased responses from employers,2 interviews,and several telephone queries from recruitment people trying to place me,using Alex’s services will be the best money you ever spend. A top class service!

  434. Andrew dunlop - 19 Feb 2014

    Fantastic service.sent Alex my old CV which he reviewed and completely rewrote. Looks superb now and all done within 24hrs, anybody requiring a CV should definitely contact Alex.

  435. ABK - 13 Feb 2014

    Alex designed my new CV. After the first application I got an interview, then, I got the job! Thank you Alex. He did extra things for free as well as he really wants to help. My first CV was complicated and many pages long. However, Alex consolidated all my experiences and summarised it onto two pages. If you really need to improve your career and job prospects, just contact Alex. His response is fast and he keeps his word.
    Thanks Alex.

  436. luke goodbourn - 12 Feb 2014

    I used Alex’s services to write me a brand new c.v as I was a chef and didn’t have much time or the experience to write my own . He was really quick at getting back to me and pinpointing exactly what I wanted. 2 months on I’m out of chef whites and in a managerial role that I don’t think I would of got a interview for without the c.v Alex wrote for me . Money well spent I would recommend 100% thank you.

  437. Nick Longford - 12 Feb 2014

    Brilliant service – Alex wrote a CV that really did capture all my experience, skills and best bits and the new CV managed to get me 2 interviews in 24 hours. The old CV that I had was all over the place but now it’s been completely transformed, it’s easy to follow as it reads and flows very nicely. The presentation is excellent and I’m absolutely over the moon with the response. I’ve already recommended this service to family and friends etc as they also need help with their CVs. Thanks again ! Really pleased.

  438. Nicola - 12 Feb 2014

    Excellent Service, Alex never kept me waiting and he communicated well with me, i would 110% recommend him, CV is fab thank you!

  439. Jan - 10 Feb 2014

    I needed a quick service. Alex provided this. In addition the CV was well written and professional.

  440. Debbie Harris - 10 Feb 2014

    Well impressed with my new CV curtosy of Alex!! Fingers crossed now I have uploaded it to sites and sent out I get some interviews. Would thoroughly recommend Alex service and his business. Many thanks Alex

  441. Daniel Hornsey - 7 Feb 2014

    Exceptionally pleased with my CV and cover letter that I have got from Alex. Especially impressed at how quick I received this back to me after my payment was made also which was less than 24 hours. He has definitely turned my low key original CV and cover letter into a professional masterpiece. I will definitely be recommending his services to fellow colleagues and friends.
    Thanks once again Alex.

  442. Elizabeth Sigurdsson - 4 Feb 2014

    Wow! Alex has produced such a fantastic CV for me, that in turn, has now got me 3 interviews. My CV was such a horrible, unprofessional mess beforehand, but now I have something that I can be proud of & more importantly, confident of when applying for work. Thank you so much – I have recommend you to friends who are seeking to also have such a FAB CV. I was missing out on jobs, due to being embarrassed of my CV, but that’s not the case anymore . . . Am really chuffed to bits, many thanks.

  443. pat vanspall - 3 Feb 2014

    Alex was very helpful.My pre-C.V was a few years old and needed his magic!The turnaround was super quick.

  444. John Truman - 1 Feb 2014

    It was such a breath of fresh air to find Alex and his amazing skill!
    It is the best money spent to allow this man to rewrite you CV, I cannot believe how good my new CV and cover letter are, in fact it’s hard to believe it’s me?

    Best of luck Alex and thank you


  445. Andy Gadsby - 30 Jan 2014

    I had looked around at a few companies to put together my CV as it had been a few years since I had needed one. After discussions with a few , Alex’s understanding and initial ideas stood out amongst all of them. I was far from disappointed on receipt of the finished product . Both CV and covering letter were perfect . So much so , that on my first application for a new job I gained an interview and new employment. It was at the first interview that comments were made to the professional appearance of my CV.. Many thanks Alex, great job

  446. John Mcdermott - 24 Jan 2014

    Got great feedback from recruitment consultants with the new CV that Alex did, and they booked me for 2 interviews literally straight away. The CV was snappy, very nicely laid out and professional. What impressed me most of all was the skills and competencies that Alex included for me which really identified my expertise and specific industry abilities. Excellent service – Will without doubt keep Alex’s details and recommend to friends, family and colleagues.

  447. Usha - 23 Jan 2014

    I was really pleased with the way my C.V is written and I would recommend Alex to my friends and family. He was fast and very professional.

  448. Sohial khan - 21 Jan 2014

    Thank you Alex well impressed excellent service well priced, quick & highly recommend.
    He is very professional with a personal trustworthy and efficient. I will be keeping his detail as I plan to contact him in future.
    Once again thank you

  449. Nikki - 21 Jan 2014

    Massive thank you to Alex for reconstructing my CV from scratch, it’s extremely professional, the layout and structure is fab. Alex also did a covering letter of which I can adapt quite easily for each specific post (as I am in the process of changing my career!). I have already shared his professionalism with family and friends. If your struggling to create your own CV then simply use this service you will be glad you did it’s quick, easy and stress free!

  450. Chris Beswick - 20 Jan 2014

    I sent an old cv to Alex and I am more than happy with what was returned to me. A well layed out and professional cv and cover letter in a matter of days.

  451. George Edmunds - 20 Jan 2014

    Very efficient and interactive CV writing service. I contacted Alex on a wednesday afternoon, after a chat to understand my situation and CV requirements, I received the new CV on thursday morning. The CV is professionally presented, very well written and got me 2 interviews within a day of sending it out and applying for jobs. More than happy with the results.

  452. Donovan - 20 Jan 2014

    Thanks Alex for sorting out My CV,i find your service very helpful and effective,the contents of the CV very in depth.I have since mentioned you to a friend and would definitely recommend anyone to use your service. The CV is well put together i would definitively recommenced this service to anyone.Just want to say a big thank you to Alex for sorting this out for me from scratch.

  453. Flori M - 18 Jan 2014

    First of all I would like to say: THANK YOU ALEX, you did an amazing job. I am more than pleased with my new CV and covering letter, both are really professional and reveals perfectly my skills. I know that some people aren’t good at describing themselves and I am one of them, but Alex is simply amazing. I am now confident that I can apply for any job I want. I will recommend Alex to everyone.

  454. Bilaal - 18 Jan 2014

    Alex you are amazing and you proper changed my cv. Now I need to be apply for job with my new cv thanks Alex.

  455. Keith Stannard - 15 Jan 2014

    I woke up anticipating recieving my cv this morning. Wow! It was amazing. I stopped drinking my coffee and was fully engaged in what it said. Don’t have any doubts Alex can change even the way you feel. I am going to be recommending him to friends and family and everyone I know. I am very impressed with what he can do.

  456. Andy Parsons - 14 Jan 2014

    Absolutely brilliant service – Nothing was too much trouble for Alex, he produced an excellent CV and covering letter for me within a matter of days, turning my old CV into a professional document to be proud off.
    Would recommend without hesitation.
    Many thanks Alex.

  457. Ashu Gupta - 14 Jan 2014

    Very professional and fast service by Alex. Got an interview with the first company I applied for, and eventually the job. Highly recommended.

  458. Jamie - 12 Jan 2014

    Great service and and completed Professional CV, turned my old into a document to be proud of.. Will definitely recommend…

  459. Steven Johnstone - 4 Jan 2014

    I sent my CV to Alex who read it and advised me on how it should be written and presented. One day later the CV and covering letter were sent to me. I am delighted with both and the price was very reasonable for his professional service. I would recommend Alex to anyone who wants to improve their existing CV or produce a new one.

  460. Lindsey Cook - 27 Dec 2013

    Just a quick note to let you know that I got a very good response with the CV you completed for me as I’ve secured 3 interviews for next month. You’ve done an excellent job with my CV and it was worth every penny. Without a doubt, I will be recommending you to colleagues, family and friends.

  461. Helena - 21 Dec 2013

    I was really impressed with Alex’s work on my CV as he totally revamped it and made it stand out. As a result, I now have an interview for early January for a part time role that I was really chasing for a long time. I would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Alex if you need to update your CV and make it standout.

  462. Don P - 17 Dec 2013

    I found Alex easy to deal with, my Cv and cover letter got done in 24 hrs and the slight changes done straight away, within days of using the new CV I received an invite for interview, after struggling with my old CV
    an A+ service.

  463. Andy Gower - 17 Dec 2013

    Great communication, good advice and very reliable.
    Very pleased with the end result, should have done it ages ago !
    Thank you.

  464. Fraser Colebrook - 15 Dec 2013

    Two fantastic CV’s produced that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this service.

  465. Howard - 12 Dec 2013

    Excellent professional affordable service. Will recommend to anyone who needs a CV & Covering Letter. Thanks Alex.

  466. Tom James - 11 Dec 2013

    Great service. Thanks Alex

  467. danny rae - 9 Dec 2013

    Alex provided a professional and aptly worded cv within the timescales agreed and to an extremely high standard. I have already passed on contact details to friends

  468. colin - 8 Dec 2013

    Great service
    Cv very good proffesional appearance, would reccomemd to anyone.
    Cost effective and prompt service.

  469. Terry Sloan - 4 Dec 2013


    I am delighted with the results and the professionalism. Alex provided me with an excellent CV and cover letter in a few hours and I would recommend the service to anybody.

    Great communication
    Fast turn around
    Superb results

  470. Mike Sharples - 3 Dec 2013

    I was in the process of applying for a new role in banking and needed a decent CV to go for a new position. Alex was referred to me by a friend so I emailed him my old CV. Alex completely re-vamped my CV which got me the interview for the banking job. I’m absolutely delighted with the results and the service was excellent. The new CV is extremely professional, easy to follow and lists all my banking experience and skills in a way that I would never of been able to do myself. Well worth the investment as my new job interview is now confirmed for January 2014. Thankyou for such a personalised service.

  471. Rainie - 2 Dec 2013

    I am so surprised as Alex was so efficient and so great and my CV looks now so much better. I love the layout and the professional descriptions. Massive thanks for his effort. Highly recommend to those protential jonhunters.

  472. Lucy Palmer - 30 Nov 2013

    Just reinforcing what everyone else is saying, speedy but professional service. My cv was in dire need of an overhaul and this has been achiened leaving me very pleased. Thanks Alex.

  473. Antony Thopliss - 29 Nov 2013

    Great service would recommend to any one looking for this service well done

  474. Paul - 28 Nov 2013

    Wow..Emailed Alex at 7 pm in the evening with my old CV,Paid my money,and by 9 am the next morning.I had a brand new CV that looked superb,both in presentation,wording and layout… Cheers Alex. Top job, Well worth every penny.

  475. Marie Woodford - 27 Nov 2013

    Found Alex’s CV writing services online and I really cannot recommend this service highly enough. I’ve used Alex for writing my CV twice in 12 months and both times I got interviews and employment. On both occasions Alex produced a CV that was based on exactly what I needed. As I’ve worked in a number of different industries over the years, each CV had to be very highly focussed on particular skills and market sectors. Alex was fantastic throughout the process both times, and made as many CV changes as I wanted at no extra charge and emailed me the CVs in 2 days (and posted me hard copies of the CVs with a disc). It is because of him that I managed to not only change my jobs, but also get a new position and career that I really wanted. My friend has also used Alex for their CV. Thankyou Alex, the CVs are excellent.

  476. Neha - 27 Nov 2013

    Thank you to Alex , CV and Coverling Letter looks too good now . Thank you for all your efforts and providing me a great service!

  477. Paul Clark - 24 Nov 2011

    Excellent job Alex both with the covering letter and the CV. Well worth the money. Would highly recommend your services.
    Once again thanks.

  478. Gary Victor - 23 Nov 2013

    I got Alex’s contact details from a friend that got interviews and a new job after Alex did his CV. My CV was done in 2 days, it’s a massive improvement. When I read it, I could barely recognise myself. It’s now on 2 pages (previously was 4) nicely laid out, with keywords, competencies and skills that make me sound fantastic and professional. I showed it to a colleague, he was that impressed that he asked for Alex’s phone number. I must admit, because of me originally having a messy, complicated CV, I was worried about getting a new one as I’ve had a lot of jobs over the years. Alex really put my mind at rest and worked with me to produce a very accurate CV which I’m very pleased with. Thankyou very much.

  479. Alison Thomas - 21 Nov 2013

    Very pleased with the c.v Alex did for my daughter. Very professionally written. Excellent Service. Would definitely recommend Alex to friends and family.

  480. Kamia Teixeira - 19 Nov 2013

    Fantastic CV and cover letter. Alex did a wonderful job in less than 24 hours. I will recommend Alex to friends and family.
    Thank You

  481. Andrew - 14 Nov 2013

    A massive Thank you to Alex for his help in putting together my CV and covering letter. Alex provided a fast (22 hours) and professional service and now my CV looks and reads great and all for a great price, I now feel confident the job interviews will come thick and fast. Would highly recommend and will be passing his details onto my family and friends.

  482. Sue Franklin - 14 Nov 2013

    Got interviews with the new CV from Alex, great service, provided a phone consultation which I needed and really captured my career goals and what I can bring to a new employer. What impressed me most was the feedback I got from the recruitment agencies when I emailed them my new CV, a couple of them remarked that the CV was excellent, very professional and amongst the best they had seen. Because of this I’ve already recommended Alex to my friends, some of which have got in touch with him for help. Thanks again for your patience.

  483. Glenn Carey - 14 Nov 2013

    I could have saved hours of work if I just sent Alex my details first, CV and cover letter well worth the money.

  484. Mark Foster - 13 Nov 2013

    What can I say here to do this service justice?
    From my E-mail enquiry through to delivery of my cv was a little over 48 hours and mine was a brand new cv. Alex spent an hour on the phone discussing my history and needs and never once did I feel rushed and the finished product is just amazing, way above what I expected.
    To summarise – a truly first class service and product with a third class cost.
    Would definitely use your services again and pass on my recommendation
    Thanks again

  485. Saif - 12 Nov 2013

    Professional CV and cover letter from Scratch. Alex did a wonderful job in transforming my vague CV to a professional looking document. I would highly recommend Alex from fresh graduates to seasoned professionals. Thank you Alex.

  486. Lewis Stanton - 11 Nov 2013

    fantastic cv could never have wrote it the way Alex as done for me, so impressed, took a big weight of my mind. so easy to do either by email or over the phone, will recommend Alex to friends and family so easy to talk to, great service.

  487. Jamie David - 11 Nov 2013

    I received a top class service from Alex which was executed in less than 24 hours. He is very professional in his practices and I would recommend him to anybody who needs an attractive CV to get them that kick start into the interview room. Cheers Alex

  488. Spencer Corrigan - 10 Nov 2013

    Very happy to report that the new CV and covering letter from Alex got me great feedback and an interview 2 days later. What really impressed was the CV quality, and the way it reads through my career history, skills and competencies making it a formidable document that has got me a response that I didn’t get before – brilliant service.

  489. Richard Morgan - 9 Nov 2013

    What an absolutely fabulous CV Alex has produced for me. I was seeking a career change and have a lot of transferable skills which I wanted to highlight. I tried to rework an old CV but it just didn’t capture what I wanted to say. Alex took all the relevant information and produced exactly what I wanted. His word skills and quality of work are second to none. The speed of the whole process was outstanding.
    If you need a CV which looks great and conveys the points you wish to highlight you will definitely not be disappointed.

    Thanks again Alex, fantastic job.

  490. Adrian Poole - 9 Nov 2013

    I am in the process of changing career to be a Personal Trainer. My work history consists of warehouse and retail work and I struggled to get the CV right, the need to focus on my new career and not my work history.

    That’s where Alex came in. He completely overhauled my CV and Cover Letter and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Now when I apply for work I can relax, safe in the knowledge that my CV will be right at the top of the pile!

    Alex, thank you so much, I will be recommending you to anyone I know.

  491. Sam Nicklin - 8 Nov 2013

    After 24 hours of Alex re doing my very out of date CV i got an interview.
    Alex has done an excellent job in describing what me and my career are about
    and my new CV reflects with great acuracy both of these things.
    It is definately money well spent,very quick response excellent service.
    Once again Alex thank you so much.

  492. Michael carney - 7 Nov 2013

    Must say a big thank you to Alex for putting together a fantastic CV in a short space of time . Will recommend to all I know.
    Fingers crossed for new job .

  493. Alexander Rudd - 7 Nov 2013

    I asked Alex to write me a CV with the position of Sales Executive in mind, I have years of experience but have never put it into writing. The service provided was great, I had a brand new professional CV in less than 24 hours and had been offered two interviews almost as soon as I sent the CV off. Fingers crossed, thanks again Alex.

  494. Jeannette Blake - 6 Nov 2013

    I’m very happy with how my CV looks, and feel confident in sending it out to perspective employers. I was also extremely impressed with the cost, as others I had looked at were asking for £200 or above. Alex your work is excellent, and my CV was sent back within 24 hours, I will be recommending your service to my friends.
    Thank you

  495. Allison - 6 Nov 2013

    What a brilliant fast efficient sevice. I would never been able to pull this kind of CV together
    Alex was totally professional and gave a 1st class service
    Now to put the whole process together and start applying for jobs
    Will recommend to everyone I know

    Thank you Alex

  496. Allan M - 4 Nov 2013

    I was very impressed with the excellent service provided by Alex. I emailed him a copy of my old cv and cover letter late on Saturday afternoon, I received an email with my new cv and cover letter first thing on Sunday morning. It is a very professional document, which I will be happy to use in future job applications. I will recommend Alex to anyone needing a cv.

  497. Paul McIntosh - 4 Nov 2013

    I had a CV and cover letter done by Alex. I found him to be quick and very professional. I sent 2 cvs with covering letters away and have had 2 interviews and both said that my CV stood out from the rest. I have since had 2 job offers. I would highly recommend this CV service. Thanks again Alex

  498. Vanda Lawrence - 4 Nov 2013

    I am very impressed with the service I have received from CV writing specialits.
    After sending Alex my original CV we discussed my requirements.
    Alex successfully created a dynamic, engaging CV to showcase my new skills and tailor my profile for a new career path.
    His attention to detail is second to none and the covering letter makes the perfect,winning presentation.
    All in all ten out of ten for service and delivery.

    I will highly recommend cvwritingspecialists.

    Thank you Alex

  499. Michael Khoodoruth - 4 Nov 2013

    Dear Alex,

    Thank you so much for making my CV and Cover letter a lot lot lot better!
    I have a great chance now of becoming a TEAM LEADER because of you!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the great service…

    Kind Regards

  500. Shemon - 3 Nov 2013

    Made one for me from scratch. Excellent communication and brilliant service. Highly recommended

  501. Kelly Curtis - 2 Nov 2013

    Really brilliant service from the start, Alex was very patient and didn’t seem phased by my 6 page complicated CV. I needed the CV tailoring to my industry and he made as many CV changes as I wanted and was easily contactable. In less than a day the finished CV was emailed to me in Microsoft word. The presentation is first class and it reads extremely well, particularly the way it articulates my skills, experience and competencies. I needed the CV urgently and received a fast and professional service, the CV has more than paid for itself many times over as I’ve already uploaded it to apply for vacancies and arranged 2 interviews for next week which I’m now preparing for. Thank you so much again, will let you know how I get on.I really appreciate your help.

  502. Jonathan Brown - 31 Oct 2013

    Alex really is a very talented CV writer, he managed to untangle my old CV and completely re-arranged it by laying it all out in an easy to follow format with various sections that made me shine. I had a job in mind that I wanted to apply for and I’m so happy with my new CV as it has got me an interview for the job that I really want. Will definitely be recommending to others.

  503. Jo Coxhead - 30 Oct 2013

    What an excellent service! I had used the same CV format for almost 20 years and knew it needed updating. The transformation was fantastic and the covering letter excellent too. The response time was extremely quick, I made payment at 7.00pm in the evening and Alex emailed my CV over at 7.15 the following morning! I will certainly recommend.

    Thank you Alex

  504. Rizwan Malik - 29 Oct 2013

    Excellent service and totally transformed my existing outdated cv. Thank you very much Alex. You were totally understanding and supportive and delivered with great results. Will be recommending your services to everyone. Thank you once again.

  505. Leo Neits - 28 Oct 2013

    Alex, truly awesome transformation of my CV and will recomend your services to my friends and colleges. Thank you.

  506. Peter Cornell - 28 Oct 2013

    After responding to an advert online about a new CV and covering letter, I emailed Alex my old one and within a day he created a very professional CV which really did maximise my experience and skills. I started applying for jobs straight away and within a couple of hours I was contacted about new vacancies. Two of the recruitment agencies even commented on how strong and well written my CV was. I’ve now got 2 new interviews lined up for this week and it’s all because of the new CV and covering letter – Thank you Alex. Excellent service.

  507. colin - 27 Oct 2013

    1st class service, good interpretation of profiles etc, you wont be disappointed, excellent service, beats my old CV.

  508. Elena B. - 26 Oct 2013

    Was stuck with my CV and in need of professional help. Feel really lucky now after contacting Alex. Received immediate response to my email and my new CV and covering letter were done within hours. What a difference he made!!! Very friendly, speedy and professional service!!! Highly recommended!!! Thank you very much.

  509. Heather K - 24 Oct 2013

    Amazing service! Brand new CV and cover note within two days, great, fresh appeal to future employers. Value for money! Highly recommended, thank you again!

  510. Mike Wilson - 24 Oct 2013

    I’ve just had my 1st cv done in 37 yrs of my employment and I have to say what professional company (Alex) they are great communications and extremely quick to deliver the cv back to me highly recommended. Many thanks M Wilson (Hull).

  511. Euan Torbett - 23 Oct 2013

    Great Service – Very quick and professional and as I am looking to move on from my current role have asked for feedback from managers and they have given me great feedback as that’s what they would look for in a CV. Thanks again highly recommend.

  512. AREK - 23 Oct 2013

    Absolutely amazing,great job Alex,highly recommended.Full service CV + COVER LETTER in 4 hours !!!!!.MANY THANKS…

  513. EB - 23 Oct 2013

    Really impressed and satisfied with my new cv and cover letter. Looks professional and up to date. Look forward to hearing from potential employers! Definitely would recommend.

  514. Steve - 23 Oct 2013

    I am absolutely delighted with my much improved / transformed CV. Alex has done a fantastic job of sorting through my ramblings to produce a professional document that I will be proud to forward to prospective employers. Many thanks Alex. (Highly recommended)

  515. Matt - 22 Oct 2013

    First class professional service,well written CV and covering letter. Alex completely overhauled my CV and cover letter in less than 20hrs. Well done and thumps up to very professional Alex.

  516. Martin - 21 Oct 2013

    Easily the best money I have spent in my life. I am a recent graduate and Alex helped me design a cv which helped me move into a graduate role in marketing (a significant step-up from the call centre I was working in beforehand!). Alex took time out to speak to me and find out exactly what I wanted to include and all of a sudden I was being invited to numerous interviews. Thank you Alex and I have passed your e-mail onto a number of others looking for a new cv.

  517. Michael Anderson - 20 Oct 2013

    I have just received my new revised cv from Alex along with a covering letter cant believe the difference to my previous outdated CV, I will start to send this out to protential employers and hopefully I will receive plenty of positive responses

  518. Robert Warren - 19 Oct 2013

    Absolutely outstanding CV completed and emailed to me, a massive difference to my old CV which was messy and complicated. Alex was very professional and made any further changes that I wanted to the new CV. The results speak for themselves as I’ve been applying online for new jobs with the new CV and received phone calls back from agencies and from there the new CV got me 2 interview offers which I’m very pleased about. This professional CV writing service is very highly recommended. Thanks again.

  519. Janet - 19 Oct 2013

    Really pleased with the CV and covering letter that Alex has produced for me. Quick excellent service with excellent communication. Now to send them out and hopefully secure a job placement. Thank you once again Alex.

  520. Scott McGuckin - 18 Oct 2013

    Excellent service delivered by Alex.
    Very happy with cover letter and CV,would highly recommend!

  521. Beth - 18 Oct 2013

    I am ecstatic! Within two hours of opening the email from Alex containing my new cv and covering letter I now have an interview for my dream job in a few days time! Thankyou!

  522. Tineke - 17 Oct 2013

    Professional and excellent service!
    Top quality of work!
    I am very happy with my new ‘powerful’ CV.
    I would highly recommend CV Writing Specialists to anyone.
    Alex, thank you so much!

  523. Paul Robinson - 17 Oct 2013

    Excellent CV, arrived within 24 hours of payment. Fully rewritten with cover note. Cant wait to try it.

  524. Cecil Best - 17 Oct 2013

    I am absolutely delighted in the way Alex constructed my C.V.I thanked him profusely,wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone, not known to me my son actually got his C.V constructed by Alex approx 4/5 months and he is as tight as a duck’s ass ( loathes spending money ) he said it was the best money hehas spent in a long time.
    Thanks again Alex

  525. Matthew - 15 Oct 2013

    I am a recent Graduate, I am applying for lots of jobs every day, hence it is definitely worth the money to get a accurate, well articulated CV to generate the maximum of responses from companies. Alex has saved me a whole bunch of time and has helped me portray my skills on paper. Fast turn around as well. Thanks Matt 10/10 A***

  526. Sally Lucas - 11 Oct 2013

    Absolutely overjoyed with my new CV, Alex was really patient and helpful and managed to get my 4 page CV onto 2 pages. I’ve sent a few copies out and applied for some jobs, and already I’ve had interest and will be going to the first interview next week. Excellent service from Alex.

  527. Tracy Anderson - 10 Oct 2013

    Alex has been absolutely brilliant I now have a wonderful cv that is fantastic he was so helpful. Thanks Alex.

  528. Mandy Cox - 10 Oct 2013

    Excellent service, brilliant CV, incredibly well written and nicely presented. The new CV has in less than a day got me an interview for a job I really want. Thanks Alex.

  529. Greg Broughton - 10 Oct 2013

    After contacting Alex and requesting help with my CV, within 24 hours I’ve been emailed a very professional looking document that is getting a good response from recruitment agencies as I’ve arranged 2 interviews in just 3 days. Highly recommended.

  530. Shaun Porter - 9 Oct 2013

    Alex provided a Fast, efficient and professional service totally restructured my CV and I cannot recommend Alex’s work highly enough. I would highly recommend this company to anybody requiring a professional CV and covering letter done for all scope of work.

  531. Kasia - 8 Oct 2013

    Great service! Alex was there to help and answer all my questions and doubts! Will recommend to anyone who is seeking help with their CV and Cover Letters! Quick response, and great job done! Thank You!

  532. Emma Richer - 8 Oct 2013

    A big thanks to Alex , impeccable service , fast and professional . I forwarded my orignal cv and in less than 24 hours was sent a fabulous recreation . I would recommend his service to anyone .

    Thanks again Alex , Emma Richer

  533. Maria - 6 Oct 2013

    Alex is just so professional and credible. His prices are reasonable and he keeps to his time scale and produces a clear and precise professional CV.
    Much appreciated Alex well done!

  534. Paul Duffield - 5 Oct 2013

    Got in touch as I needed a CV to help me with a different job, received comprehensive advice and the new CV was completed in 24 hours. Very pleased as it’s managed to set me up with a new interview next week. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family.

  535. Stefanie Sagwal - 5 Oct 2013

    Alex done an excellent service, and money is worth the value . So happy with my new cv

  536. Joseph Turner - 5 Oct 2013

    Excellent CV, very well written and nicely presented. Sent it to a few recruitment agencies and already got 2 interviews lined up. Many thanks.

  537. Natasha - 3 Oct 2013

    Alex has done an excellent job with my CV.

    My CV had been written by a CV writer and they removed all the fundmentals out of my CV. This created a shell of my old CV and I was getting virtually no interest from employers or agencies.

    I provided Alex with the re-written CV and old CV. He was able to apply broad and professional formatting
    In addition he used descriptive words that show my experience in a positive and comprehensive way. I am now getting a fair amount of interest from agencies and prospective employers.

    If you require certain areas to be tweaked, he is willing to listen in order to gain your satisfaction.

    It has been well worth it. I have recommended him to my friends.

    Thank you Alex.

  538. Shadreck - 2 Oct 2013

    Alex is a professional who is efficient and very reliable, he did my CV in under 24 hours and I am very happy with my new CV. I have been hesitant to apply for jobs because I knew my old CV was ordinary and very basic, Alex changed all that, my CV and Cover Letter now look superb. Employment here I come Thanks to Alex. I am going to recommend you to my friends for the quality of work you produce and reasonable charges.

  539. Arthur Martson - 2 Oct 2013

    First class service,well written CV and covering letter
    Would recommend Alex at the drop of a hat.

  540. Margaret - 30 Sep 2013

    I am delighted with the excellent service Alex provided.
    Super swift results over a weekend giving me an extremely professional and concise CV.
    Will certainly be recommending Alex to others.

  541. Denisa Porosanu - 29 Sep 2013

    Alex, you did a wonderful job. I’m very satisfied with my CV.

  542. Marzena - 29 Sep 2013

    Fantastic and professional service at very affordable price! Alex transformed my basic CV into a brilliant one. I could not write such a good CV myself. Anyone considering whether to have it done? it is absolutely worth it.

  543. Karen - 28 Sep 2013

    Alex has been amazing ! Never having had a CV I had the perception it would be an absolute nightmare ,I could not have been more wrong .With the patience of a saint Alex produced an outstanding CV and cover letter .He was always available to talk it all through,I am absolutely delighted and cannot recommend his services enough .Thankyou Alex you have been an absolute star!

  544. Anita - 28 Sep 2013

    Fantastic service! Alex completely revamped my cv. I feel confident all ready with any job i apply for now. Fast service also as i had it redone with a cover letter within 4 hours. Highly recommend Alex and his services.

  545. Lorna Kingdon – 26 Set 2013

    Extremely happy with my new CV and covering letter. Very professional and excellent layout. Above all expectations and a very speedy turn over. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.

  546. Stephen C - 26 Sep 2013

    Contacted Alex with regards updating CV. A day later, I have a stunning CV and cover letter which goes far beyond what I had been submitting previously. Many thanks Alex.

  547. christopher sloane - 25 Sep 2013

    I am extremely pleased with the cv, it was very professional and it was done in less than 24 hours. I would highly recommend this service, thanks Alex !

  548. Timothy Mckee - 25 Sep 2013

    Huge difference- I had what i thought was a good CV with good skills, but after Alex and the team stripped it down and started again they came back with an unreal CV and Cover note. Very helpful and great fast service!!

  549. Gary - 23 Sep 2013

    Very pleased with my cv alex created for me after giving alex all my details. Would never have created one like this before and has saved me alot of time trying to create one like alex has. Should not have a problem getting interviews with this cv, much apreciated alex great job!!!!

  550. Denise Bartram - 22 Sep 2013

    I contacted Alex with several questions in regards to a CV and cover letter. He was very patient, thoroughly explained all the information he would need and how long it would possibly take for him to do up both items for me.

    Communication was at 100% as Alex answered every query quickly and efficiently and within 24 hours. I paid a very reasonable price for a new CV and Cover letter. Less than 24 hours later, they were awaiting me in my email inbox.

    I was very impressed with the details in each. Both are worded incredibly well and there’s no way I would have been able to have done as well myself.

    Many thanks Alex.

  551. S khan - 22 Sep 2013

    Fantastic service – contacted Alex for a CV and within 24 hours had a very professional CV and covering letter. excellent. Thanks Alex

  552. Bibi Z Lee - 22 Sep 2013

    Stumbled across Alex’s website and it held my attention long enough to contact him.
    What struck me with Alex during our conversation was his patience to listen attentively, he delivers
    honesty and executed a professional service that is hard to find.
    My CV and covering letter were completed in less than 24 hours, and professionally done without any flaws.
    I will be recommending Alex and his unquestionable professional service.
    My unconditional thanks to an exceptional person.
    My misery is over.
    Bibi Lee

  553. Stephen Francis - 22 Sep 2013

    I knew that my CV was outdated and needed a complete rewrite so I asked Alex for assistance. Within 24 hours I have an extremely professional looking layout which is much clearer and concise than my own attempts. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone looking for a new career and needing to send CV or covering letters. Thanks Alex – I appreciate your help.

  554. Jason dunn - 21 Sep 2013

    I contacted Alex regarding my cv and covering letter, I did my own cv which wasn’t the best, so I asked Alex if he could help, within 24 hours I received my new cv and cover letter, bargain at that price would highly recommend,

    thanks alex

  555. Bola Martins - 21 Sep 2013

    I always thought I could make a good CV but after seeing one made by Alex for a friend of mine, I realised how far from the truth I was! I contacted Alex and in hours I had a professional CV I’m so proud of, I can’t wait to start my job search. Alex is highly profeesional and what I appreciated most was the quick turnover and correspondence. I highly recommend this 5 star service. Thanks Alex. Bola Martins

  556. R Gregory - 20 Sep 2013

    WOW there is no way I could have updated my CV to the standard that Alex has. Well worth the money and highly recommended. So quick as well. After being a full time homemaker for the last few years, I now feel confident, thanks to m amazing CV to get out there and apply for some jobs!! A massive thank you to Alex.

  557. Glenny - 19 Sep 2013

    He wrote a perfect Cv and covering letter in 3 hours and I am super happy with his job. Now I can start looking for a job without worrying about my Cv. I will definitely reccommend him to my friends and colleagues!!
    Thank you Alex!!!

  558. Ignatas Motikas - 18 Sep 2013

    100% satisfied, highly recommended! Well done Alex!

  559. Graham Tully - 11 Sep 2013

    Top quality service from Alex. Had a call back within two hours of putting my new cv onto a jobs board.

  560. Ian Lees - 1 Sep 2013

    Extremely helpful, prompt and good skills profile. Would highly recommend.

  561. Jonathan Haskell – 29 Aug 2013

    contacted Alex with a few questions with regards to professionally updating my CV. He said my CV was very basic and after payment (of less than 24 hours turn around time) I had received an incredible, professional CV (one I could not have created by myself). One application to an employer for a job and they were very impressed with my skills and have been offered a job already. Thank you Alex Taylor, I definitely would recommend you to anyone wanting their CV updated with great price and service that cannot be matched online!

  562. joelle yeates - 28 Aug 2013

    Just do it! If you want a job get Alex to do your CV. I can now be confident applying for any job.

  563. Richard Boland – 27 Aug 2013

    I had contacted Alex just with an enquiry, 2 days later I have an incredible CV and cover letter, that I am proud of giving out to employers. Great value for money, and really efficient. I would recommend Alex to anyone wanting to update their CV or anyone wanting a completely new professional CV.

  564. Ruth Kelly – 26 Aug 2013

    Alex is very friendly and patient man. The CV he produced for me was exceptional. He produced an outstanding graduate CV for me and I had it in less than 12 hours after our phone conversation. Considering my CV needed a lot of work this is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to a friend.

  565. Shelley Thomas – 24 Aug 2013

    I had been searching for work for a few months with no interest from any prospective employers. My daughter-in-law gave me the Professional CV writers details and less than 24 hours of making contact, I had received my CV and covering letter. Within a few days of me uploading my new CV to various recruitment sites, I had received 2 requests for interviews which in turn resulted in both companies offering me employment. Thank you to Alex who was my CV writing specialist.

  566. Iwona – 20 Aug 2013

    Professional, excellent and quick service. Great value for money. Highly recommended.

  567. Joshua – 19 Aug 2013

    The C. V Alex created for me was superb!, im so impressed.

  568. Lisa Whitelock – 19 Aug 2013

    I never had a cv before and spent so much time trying to do one. Then I started to see if I could get some help. I sent one email to Alex and he phoned me back. Then within 24 hours I had a professional cv. I could never of achieved something like this on my own. This was done over a weekend too ! Thank you so much Alex ! Excellent service.

  569. Janos Katai – 18 Aug 2013

    Alex is a great guy he is very professional and very patient. I couldn’t have hoped for a better cv. I would highly reccomend him to everyone! Thank you so much! :).

  570. Michal M – 18 Aug 2013

    Alex turned out to be very kind, reliable and extremely efficient as he contacted me soon after I contacted him. I gave him all the guidelines and job specification to customize my CV to how I needed it done. He applied them in a way that I wouldn’t of been able to do and did this in a few hours. His choice of words, layout and other details were different to what I was used to. I can truly recommend his services as he seems to be professional.

  571. Aga Wit – 14 Aug 2013

    Perfect service, great person, pleasure to deal with. Once again big Thank You. Aga.

  572. Jake Field – 14 Aug 2013

    Couldn’t fault alex, such a nice guy, my CV is now as professional as it could possibly be, it was completed within 24 hours of him taking my details. I highly recommend anyone to use his services.

  573. Roman Skoczypec – 12 Aug 2013

    highly recommended Alex is very good at what he does.

  574. Alan Riseborough – 12 Aug 2013

    A first class service! Excellent communication from Alex and the cv was completed within a few hours. Highly recommended.

  575. Andrew Harper – 7 Aug 2013

    What a fast, efficient and professional service provided by this chap. Requested in the afternoon and a brand new CV arrived via email the following morning. I wanted a slight amendment made, emailed Alex and it was done within minutes. No wonder he has such a good feedback rating. I would recommend him without hesitation, especially if you’re needing it done soonest. Thanks again.

  576. Sam Cole – 6 Aug 2013

    Cannot fault Alex at all. Compared to the bigger companies out there, Alex is much better value for money and does an excellent job in a very quick turnaround. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a good looking, well worded professional CV.

  577. Richard Turnbull – 5 Aug 2013

    I have just recieved my CV and cover letter from Alex and to say I am pleased is an understatement, after applying to his advert he called me 5 minutes later and we had a chat,12 hours later I have my first CV downloaded and printed off, Alex was easy to talk to and I would recommend him to anyone out there looking for a professionaly written CV.

  578. Niall McGuigan – 2 Aug 2013

    I received my CV within two hours of ordering it and then had 5 job offers within two days of sending it which goes to show that a good CV is probably the most important thing to have when applying for jobs.

  579. Sarah Milton – 1 Aug 2013

    Alex did a CV and covering letter for me and I am thrilled with the complete service. I thought I was a lost cause but he has pieced together my work life beautifully, I am thrilled. I cannot thank him enough, the CV has given me the confidence I needed to move forward with my search for a new career. Marvellous.

  580. Karen Morris – 24 Jul 2013

    After months of not hearing from any job applications I realised that I had a poor CV and decided to use the services provided by Alex. He was friendly, helpful and very easy to keep in touch with via email. All in all the whole process was completed within 36 hours, and I received an excellent new CV and covering letter. Definitely far exceeds the standard I would ever have been able to achieve myself. I didn’t begrudge spending the money as Alex did a professional job and saved me a lot of time had I had to compile it myself. As a Security professional I was wary that it might be a scam, but I am VERY happy to say Alex is 100% legitimate and above board!!! Would recommend his services to anyone wanting a professional CV!

  581. Rocky Stocking – 23 Jul 2013

    Wow ! What a great service from Alex. Fantastic turnaround, even in a Sunday ! Professional, thorough, and superb execution. The CV looks fantastic. Applied for a job today and had a call back within 2 hrs ! Hopefully the new CV will set the wheels in motion for a new career ! Thank you so much.

  582. Inga Bruzikaite – 23 Jul 2013

    Thank you very much Alex, fast and professional, for a moment I thought I’ve got somebody else’s CV!

  583. Drew Duncan Star – 21 Jul 2013

    Fantastic service and exceptional turn around, I only contacted Alex yesterday morning and less than 24 hours later I have the best looking and sounding CV I have ever come across, he really has captured and relayed my experiences and skills as well as projecting what I am looking to achieve in my acreer. I will be referring Alex to as many people as possible, a CV of this quality should cost over £100 as I have researched into this previously. It is very much appreciated. Thank you. Drew Duncan Star.

  584. Guy Mortimer – 19 Jul 2013

    Awesome job by Alex, easy to communicate with, professional and fast service. Alex totally rebuilt my CV and now it looks exceptional, filled with confidence.

  585. Mark Anderson – 17 Jul 2013

    Absolutely fantastic work by Alex!! I had a very poor CV and he basically built me one from scratch. My new CV looks so professional. I feel really confident with it now and can’t wait to start applying for jobs.

  586. Paul Clayton – 14 Jul 2013

    I was very happy with the results of my new CV and covering letter. It put my old CV to shame! I would not hesitate in recommending them for professionalism and value for money. Give them a go! You won’t be disappointed.

  587. Pilmon – 12 Jul 2013

    I’m very pleased with my new cv, received in few hours, even better than expected. Alex is honest very helpful person. Will recommend to anyone. Thank you so much Alex!

  588. Alexandra Muresan – 12 Jul 2013

    Thanks Alex. You made a great job. I’m really satisfied with my new CV.

  589. Janet Ridge – 12 Jul 2013

    Professionalism, expertise and speed in which my CV was delivered was extraordinary and well worth the money. I would recommend Alex anytime. Jan. Bournemouth.

  590. Jamie Thomson – 10 Jul 2013

    Thank you very much for CV and covering letter I am extremely happy with the end result and speedy turnaround. Thankyou Jamie Thomson.Glasgow.

  591. Erez Nachmani – 9 Jul 2013

    Amazing service! Very helpful and professional, I will definitely recommend. Thank u very much alex!Erez.

  592. Erin Murray – 4 Jul 2013

    Alex made such a good job of my cv, I didn’t have a clue what to write myself, I looked up cv writers and found Alex. It’s so well written and it looks very professional. I’m so happy with the outcome, defiantly money well spent. Would recommend to anyone looking for a cv that will impress.

  593. Renata Demetriou – 4 Jul 2013

    Well what can I say, I asked for my C. V. Updating and a covering letter at 7.15am Thursday 4th July, it was really short notice but no sweat for Alex, it was done at 2.30pm the same day and it’s so well written and looks really professional. Thanks a million Alex don’t know what I would have done otherwise!

  594. Samantha – 2 Jul 2013

    I contacted Alex on Saturday, June 29th and by Monday my CV and covering letter were ready. I’m extremely pleased with his work – my CV is now fantastic! It looks absolutely professional. I highly recommend Alex to anybody who needs help with their CV etc. Great job, Alex. Thanks a million. Samantha.

  595. Kevin Dickson – 2 Jul 2013

    Amazing job on my CV, it looks great and well laid out. I emailed Alex on a Sunday evening and he had it done by tuesday morning. Many Thanks Alex and here’s to my happy job hunting.

  596. Diana Ciulkeviciene – 30 Jun 2013

    Alex did a very good job. My cv looks realy good. I am realy hapy.

  597. Monzo GL – 26 Jun 2013

    I am extremely happy with the service I have received. My CV and cover letter was done swiftly and looks very professional. Well worth the money. I highly recommend this service!

  598. Catherine Little – 20 Jun 2013

    I cannot thank Alex enough for his help in getting my CV up together. I am in the process of being made redundant and felt daunted to say the least in having to start looking for work. My CV was out of date and old fashioned, I knew I needed to change it but didn’t know where to begin. I can honestly say its money well spent, I contacted Alex at about 4 in the afternoon and by the following day it was done. Apart from having a CV that really sells me, it has given me a much needed confidence boost. Thank you.

  599. George Neilson – 15 Jun 2013

    I had been out of work for eight years and put a CV together that I thought was good, but Alex took it now you would think I was going for the prime ministers job. Fantastic Alex.

  600. David Currie – 14 Jun 2013

    Alex took my old C. V, redone it completely, it now looks and reads brilliant, I am now more confident in getting that job I was after, would definitely recommend Alex’s work to anyone. Thanks Alex great job.

  601. Akinyemi Amos – 14 Jun 2013

    Thank you very much. Totally different from my old CV, what a new transformation. Well done Alex. Akinyemi from Aberdeen.

  602. Alec Latham – 13 Jun 2013

    Even though my new revamped CV is made from the information in my old CV, it makes me sound amazing! I’m suddenly dynamic, professional, competent and raring to go!

  603. Yasin Koya – 12 Jun 2013

    alex had created a fantastic CV, it was done promptly, a lot of thought had been taken in, it is well accurately detailed. The CV was made with a detailed layout as well as a lot of thought going into it. Thank you very much and what an investment!!

  604. George Tonev – 12 Jun 2013

    Alex was professional quick and efficient, I will recomend him to other.

  605. Olubusola Awolaja – 10 Jun 2013

    Thanks Alex for helping to revamp my CV, am so proud of it. The outlook of my CV is more professional now than before and a few of my folks could not but commend it. I will always recommend Alex to anyone when it come to doing any work on CV and cover letters.I got a very good value for the price.

  606. Thanos – 9 Jun 2013

    Best Value for money I received, in a Long Time ! Thank you.

  607. Nerijus Sirvy – 8 Jun 2013

    Very good job. CV was made from scratch very quick and professional.

  608. Theresa Thorpe – 6 Jun 2013

    E-mailed Alex on Monday 3rd June. By Wednesday 5th he’d re-written my cv in a professional and well laid out format and given me a covering letter too. I’m more than happy with the service given by Alex.

  609. Frances Morii – 6 Jun 2013

    My CV was done by scratch and I had it printed out for use within 48 hours. Really happy with Alex’ service and would recommend him without hesitation. Frances.

  610. Jonathan Mee – 5 Jun 2013

    Hi Really good communication. Received rebuilt cv following morning looking 10 times better than old one. Highly recommend.Really well priced

  611. Alistair Hutton – 5 Jun 2013

    Alex’s work is 2nd to none and I’d happily recommend him to anyone out there looking to enhance there job opportunities. After a short time I found the job I was looking for and as well as this being down to the contents on the CV I’d say 50% was down to the way it was layed out. A++++. Many thanks.

  612. Stewart Liviingston – 5 Jun 2013

    Alex did a fantastic job on my c. V totaly transformed the look of it..great stuff recommended to all.

  613. Joanne heeps – 3 Jun 2013

    Alex did a brilliant job for me I didn’t know where to start and why bother when he can do a much better job well worth the money. Hopefully I will get the job I want now. Service was quick and excellent communication. Thanks.

  614. Margaret Milne – 3 Jun 2013

    Alex revamped my cv and did a cover letter as well. The end result was excepional as was the service Alex gave. Well worth the money. Will be recommending him to all my friends. Margaret.

  615. M Dahlan – 30 May 2013

    Excellent service, thank you.

  616. Billy Downward – 30 May 2013

    Great service!Highly recommended!More then happy with my cover letter and CV. Thanks again!

  617. Margaret Oliver – 29 May 2013

    Alex’s CV service is very exceptional and professional. He created a new CV and Cover letter for me within a few days and for a very competitive price. I would highly recommend Alex and will be referring Friends and Family to him in the future. Thank you so much will keep you updated on the job search.

  618. Michael Paterak – 28 May 2013

    fast, professional, patient at the best price possible… Alex is the best you can get… Highly recommended!!! Michael P. Aberdeen.

  619. Lorraine Johnson – 26 May 2013

    Great service by Alex. CV very professional done. Very fast service. Would highly recommend.

  620. Iain Telfer – 25 May 2013

    Excellent service, very quick to reply with drafts, ideas and time lines. Highly recommended.

  621. Brian Campbell – 25 May 2013

    Alex did a great job upgrading my very basic CV. He was very patient and helpful during the whole process.

  622. Anna B – 25 May 2013

    Great service and gave me good advice. His changes give me more confidence to find the right job.

  623. Caroline Cooper – 25 May 2013

    Comparing my C. V before and after Alex’s help was like night and day. I cannot praise his service enough and I have to say that I have found that I have grown in confidence realising my potential before I have even sent my C.V to employers. Thankyou Alex and will keep you updated on job front. For the cost of a meal and drink out I have greatly enhanced my chances of finding a better future. Highly recommended.

  624. Volodymyr Zozuk – 24 May 2013

    Exellent cv writing service, friendly people,good price. Thank you.

  625. Connor Chambers – 24 May 2013

    Good price, had a really well written cover letter and a greatly worded CV. Currently at sea so couldn’t use phone, Alex still managed to complete the service in great time and even only with email contact. I have merchant navy qualifications which aren’t easily understood, but a great CV was still returned to me and in fantastic time too, very cheap service, cheap enough to even use it for curiosity!

  626. Josephine Griffin – 24 May 2013

    Alex condensed my very detailed CV from 10 pages to 3 and now it looks really professional including the cover letter that I am confident will assist in helping to move on to a new career Alex was professional and accommodating from beginning of the project to the end. He set out clear guidelines the length of time it would take to complete and honoured all commitments as promised. I would recommend Alex to anyone who needs to update their CV or start from scratch. Thank you Alex for a job well done.

  627. Daniel-Valentin Olteniceanu – 23 May 2013

    Grate price for a professional CV.

  628. Neil Sutherland – 21 May 2013

    Alex put together a very professional CV and Cover Letter that i’m sure will assist me in persuing a new direction in my career. I would highly recommend Alex’s service to anyone.

  629. Dan Vickers – 19 May 2013

    Alex wrote a fantastic CV for me from scratch in 2 days amazing really how after 10 mins on the phone he has wrote it. Very personal and in a way I couldnt portray myself. Thanks.

  630. Robert Burnett – 18 May 2013

    Just had my CV done by Alex and what an amazing job he has done. Highly recommend him to anyone.

  631. Robert Adam – 18 May 2013

    Excellent service from Alex, fantastic CV produced from my details given. Clearly a true professional. If you need a CV this is the man to do it. Thank You.

  632. Shada – 18 May 2013

    Just had my cv done. Thank you Alex for doing a great professional job. I was surprised how quicly the cv was prepared.

  633. Adam Salem – 17 May 2013

    Alex done a CV and a cover letter from scratch for me, I can not thank him enough for the impeccable and rapid job he done. Absolutely flawless 1st class service! My dealings with Alex were so easy. I would and will be recommending him to family and friends Thank you Adam.

  634. M. G. – 16 May 2013

    CV has been created just in one night by Alex and looks really smart. I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you.

  635. Donna Brown – 16 May 2013

    Alex delivered an excellent 1st class service. Don’t look anywhere else, he wont disappoint. Will be recommending him to all..

  636. Ben Mcnally – 15 May 2013

    My dealings with Alex were easy and so professional, I cannot and I mean cannot believe how well he has portrayed my cv. From being very dull and unprofessional to a inspiring and may I say my self bloody brilliantly written. Thank you Ben

  637. Thomas Smart – 15 May 2013

    Fab service. Will recommend it.

  638. Javed Elahi – 15 May 2013

    Just had my cv done, super quick turn around and value for money. All alterations done super quick and professional. I will defo recommend it my friends and family. javed from manchester.

  639. Derek Beattie – 14 May 2013

    Very impressed with quality and speed of CV. Would recommend to friends and colleagues.

  640. Reuben Morrison – 14 May 2013

    Just had my CV done by alex, looks a lot better than my old one and im sure it will help me in my job hunting. Alex is also very polite and helpful!!

  641. Sebastian Rak – 14 May 2013

    Very professional service. I would strongly recommend.

  642. Ian Fyfe – 13 May 2013

    Great prompt service, very helpfull and.Quickly delt with my requirements.1st rate service highly reccomend.Thank you Alex.

  643. Barbara-Ann Collins - 13 May 2013

    I absolutely could not recommended anyone better!I received a very professional first class service, with that all important personal touch that Ive never had elsewhere. My CV was fantastically written, from scratch – not a job for the faint hearted! – along with a first class covering letter. It was all done in a matter of hours at a price that would be hard to beat. I had given up hope of finding the job I truly want, but thanks to this exceptional service, not any more!

  644. Dale Hardy – 10 May 2013

    I cannot reccomend Alex’s work highly enough as the content of my CV and covering letter are very good indeed. This combined with someone who is professional, courteous and respectful means an excellent service which is superb value for money.

  645. Colleen Bloomfield – 8 May 2013

    Excellent service! Very professional and efficient. I would strongly recommend.

  646. Carolyn Chemabus – 7 May 2013

    Very fast and efficient service. Great job! I ll recommend you to all my friends.

  647. Meherab Hasan – 3 May 2013

    I am very much pleased with Alex service. He gave me a professional contemporary cv and covering letter at a very reasonable price. I do highly recommend Alex CV writing service to anyone who is looking for quality without breaking the bank. I will come back and update this post as soon as I find a new role. Thank you so much Alex.

  648. Leanne Bingham – 1 May 2013

    I am so thankful to Alex for his help. My cv wasn’t an easy task but he did it perfectly and in a swift manner… He is very friendly and such good value for money… I was so happy with my finished cv it looks so much better than I could ever have done myself… Yay Alex… I will come back and update if my cv gets me a job. UPDATE: i just wanted to update that i now have a job interview and he only did my cv 2 days ago….im so happy…thankyou Alex x

  649. Liudmila Pogorelova – 29 Apr 2013

    I had my CV completelly rebuilt and new covering letter drafted within the same day. I was very happy with the result and the cost – for very reasonable price I managed to escape a very daunting task that would have taken me hours to finish. All my questions and concerns were addressed in the process. I would highly recommend this company.

  650. Lee Rodgers – 26 Apr 2013

    Very pleased with my new CV and at a fraction of the cost of other company’s, Alex is very professional, patient and helpful and would highly recommend his services. Thanks again.

  651. Peter Kelly – 24 Apr 2013

    I was desperate to urgently get my cv written up, and was surprised at how efficient the service was at short notice. I was very pleased with the cost, as there are a lot more expensive services out there! Very satisfied.

  652. Andy Robin – 23 Apr 2013

    I was struggling to get a job for 2 years even although I had the skill set to succeed in the roles. I realised my CV was letting me down so I asked Alex for help in December 2012. As a result I was offered a new exciting role in Febrary 2013. My only regret is not asking for his help many years ago. Andy Robin.

  653. Kevin – 22 Apr 2013

    Excellent service and value for money, transformed my tired CV to a CV I can feel proud, I feel so much more confident in re-starting my job search. Highly recommend this service. The Cv that he has put together is just outstanding.

  654. Christine Sutcliffe – 22 Apr 2013

    Thank you so much Alex CV covers everything. I have an interview tomorrow.

  655. Udoka Nwogu – 22 Apr 2013

    In fact, I am over the moon to see my outdated CV turned around in just 2 days all from the scratch. It was like magic and I am now very confident in my job search to go back to my field of profession as an Engineer. Thank you very much Alex. U Nwogu

  656. Lee Sinclair – 19 Apr 2013

    Alex was brilliant from start to finish. I am so incredibly thrilled with my CV and covering letter. I felt very comfortable that I could contact him if I needed help or advice during the process and also for help in the future as it was like talking to a friend. Fast and professional service and excellent value and also Alex really has your best interests at heart. I felt that he really understood my hopes and needs and the results were brilliant. Thank you so much!

  657. Barrie – 19 Apr 2013

    Excellent communication, and very informative. CV was exactly what I was looking for very detailed and impressive. Would highly recommend to anyone and will definately use this service again.

  658. Alexandra D. – 19 Apr 2013

    Alex is doing a great job, I would recommend him to anyone who is not sure if their CV is competitive on the market. My CV was built from scratch and now I just love it!

  659. C Dunn – 17 Apr 2013

    Professional CV started from scratch. Really quick response from Alex and very friendly to deal with. Thank you.

  660. Marius – 16 Apr 2013

    got my CV rebuilt from scratch as it was utter rubbish and a new cover letter. Money well invested. I’m due for a few interviews already. Brilliant job from Alex.

  661. Jay – Birmingham – 14 Apr 2013

    Superbly written CV and covering letter by Alex. Excellent and professionally prepared and would highly recommend Alex for anyone requiring their CVs done. Thanks for your help! :-).

  662. Marsha Walker – 13 Apr 2013

    Excellent service, turn around time was good, he is a professional. My CV and letter was well written, he understands the needs of his clients and he knows how to put the impossible together Thanks Alex.

  663. Lorraine – 11 Apr 2013

    I am absolutely thrilled with the CV and covering letter I have received from Alex. He responded back so quickly and provided me a really impressive and professional CV and covering letter. I could never have achieved the same results myself. I thoroughly recommend his service. Superb service, thank you. Lorraine DORSET

  664. Istvan Varga – 7 Apr 2013

    I am very satisfied with Alex’s work, he has done an excellent job on my CV and covering letter. It looks and sounds professional. Highly recommended!

  665. DAvellino – 5 Apr 2013

    Dear Alex.Just opened up my new CV. WOW! thanks, looks excellent and reads really well. May I also thank you for the covering letter, its fabulous and so much better then what I write. Thank you for your efforts and your service is fast and reliable even having a telephone conversation with me on Easter Monday to ensure delivery on time for Tuesday thats dedication! Kind regards DA Norwich.

  666. Bayan Yousef – 4 Apr 2013

    I am really impressed by Alex work, my CV looks very professional now, and I am very happy with the service. Thank you Alex and I would highly recommend your service. Bayan.

  667. Osama – 27 Mar 2013

    really excellent service, my CV was rubbish, Alex made me a CV fit for President :), Im ever so grateful, from day one, I started to get job offers even from companies I have no idea about, I recommend Alex to everyone who is really looking for something that is life changing. Thank you Alex.

  668. Andy Duncan – 24 Mar 2013

    Excellent work by Alex. He turned my miserable CV into an extremely professional document which, along with the covering letter, has now given me the confidence to apply for roles that I’ve been ignoring. Would definitely recommend.

  669. Shams Ali – 20 Mar 2013

    I was very pleased with Alex’s services and would recommend him. He is very professional with a personal touch, trustworthy and efficient. I will be keeping his details as I plan to contact him again in the future.

  670. Mike O’B - 17 Mar 2013

    I used Alex to write my cv as I have been self employed for a number of years so I was out of touch as to what was required. I had a conversation with him on the phone and explained what I was looking for. I then sent him my cv and within a few days he sent me my new cv for review. It was great and really helped me with finding new employment. My wife is due to use his services shortly.

  671. Bernie Cuthbertson - 10 Mar 2013

    Great service -Alex was very helpful and wrote a fantastic cv for me. Would recommend, my cv is fabulous!!

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